White Horse Auto Wash Announces New Location Opening at 6215 Charles Arrington Drive, Franconia, VA 22310

FRANCONIA, Va., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — White Horse Auto Wash has done it again! The full-service car wash company announced the opening of its Franconia location, set to begin operations on Easter Monday. The Franconia White Horse Auto Wash will join our fast-growing company and become our seventh location in the State of Virginia. The Group plans to have at least ten Full Service carwashes operating by the end of 2022.

White Horse Auto Wash galloped into the Car Wash Industry back in 2010 with the opening of their 1st location in Warrenton, Virginia. Since the first wash opening, the ownership group led by Robert B Rust (a Virginia native son) have continued to grow by offering the best full service wash, while using the newest equipment, the best chemistry, while hiring and training the most customer centric associates.

Bob Rust and family are no strangers to the Northern Virginia community and culture. In fact, the company name, "White Horse Auto Wash" even has a local meaning behind it. The name originated from a fishing rock that bares the same name as the company and is located on the east side of the Shenandoah River. The story goes that when the water in the river rises and is rushing over the rock it looks like white horses in stride. The same goes for the company – when car counts rise at the washes and vehicles come rushing in, the teams handle the business and work together in stride.  

As for the Franconia location, the company is looking forward to the success that stems from the community support and guests who have visited other White Horse locations. What sets White Horse Auto Wash apart from the typical car washes is not only the broad range of services offered such as details, interior cleans, waxes, or the state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals that every vehicle receives each wash, but the main separation factor comes from the people that White Horse employs. For an interior and exterior cleaning, guests can expect a 20 minute or less wait time with a "smile-guaranteed" send off at the end of the service.

White horse Franconia will offer a full-service unlimited plan for $49.99 and guests will be able to visit as many days in the month as they desire (between the hours of 8am and 7pm during the summer), to keep their car sparkling clean. For more information about services offered please visit www.whitehorseautowash.com.

"For me, the best part of a new site opening is getting to meet all the new guests that visit the site while getting to learn and become a part of the different communities. We are expecting big things from this location and have no doubt the team in Franconia will succeed those high expectations and compete to be the busiest site in the company," said District Manager, Garrett Giles. The General manger will be Mr. Tanner Ott who has been with White Horse for five years.

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SOURCE White Horse Auto Wash