Vehicle Leasing with Cryptocurrency Coming Soon

NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New York City_Brooklyn-based eAutoLease announced that it soon will accept cryptocurrency as payment for leasing and online auto sales. It took vision to build a business around the concept of leasing vehicles through the internet. So, it’s no surprise then that eAutoLease isn’t far behind the digital currency trend.

“Since we are totally focused on customer service, we want to ensure that all our clients, including those holding cryptocurrency, can safely and successfully lease or buy one of our vehicles in the manner they choose,” says CEO Zoriy Birenboym. “The time has come for us to join the forward-thinking commercial world to make these transactions possible. Internet commerce is our specialty — so we’re researching how best to enable crypto payments.”

Cryptocurrency, of which Bitcoin is the most popular, is rapidly becoming accepted into the mainstream as a viable form of payment. Luxury car dealerships across the country have begun accepting various forms of cryptocurrency over the past few years with increasing success. eAutoLease — serving customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania — has committed to stay a cutting-edge, online company.

Adding crypto to its forms of payments is just the next logical step. And it’s coming sooner rather than later. Staying true to his promise when he opened eAutoLease in 2015, Birenboym continues to tell his growing team of experts and expanding customer base: “ is the future and just the tip of the iceberg to what the future holds.”

Intimately aware of the ins and outs of online transactions for automobiles, eAutoLease assures its customers and the public that once it’s fully prepared to accept the digital currency, the process will be smooth, secure and easy to process. eAutoLease fully vets all vendors and payment processors before entering into any agreements.

eAutoLease takes the time to protect the interests of its customers with transparency seldom seen in the auto industry.

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