Various Companies, Organizations & Government Entities Express Strong Support for Transportation Funding to Upgrade the Intersection of WA-17 & WA-170 near Warden, WA

WARDEN, Wash., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Over twenty (20) companies, organizations and local government entities in Grant County, WA have sent letters to the Washington State Department of Transportation and to Washington State Legislators expressing support for state transportation funding to be appropriated/allocated to upgrade the intersection of SR-17 and SR-170 just west of Warden, WA so that it can safely accommodate the rapidly increasing amount of traffic and freight that is going to and from Warden on SR-170 and SR-17. The growth in traffic and freight has also brought on safety concerns at the intersection, as during certain times of the day, it is very difficult to safely enter or exit the intersection.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has indicated to the Port of Warden that it is aware of the issues with congestion and safety at the intersection of SR-17 and SR-170, and the agency been working on plans to improve the intersection of SR 17 and SR 170. As traffic continues to increase at the intersection, WSDOT has identified measures that could further improve safety and reduce serious collisions. In particular, WSDOT has concluded that a roundabout would be the best option to help reduce collisions and improve access on and off the highway at this intersection.  As a result, WSDOT has scoped and estimated a roundabout for the intersection of SR 17 and SR 170, but currently there is no funding from the Washington State Legislature in the State Transportation Budget for this project.

The traffic and freight going to and from Warden is continuing to increase. In the past few years, a great deal of economic development and freight growth has occurred in Warden, WA, including a canola crushing and canola oil refining facility, a new fertilizer distribution facility, additional fresh produce packing and frozen and dehydrated food processing, and the associated warehousing for these products. For example, Viterra’s Canola Oilseed Processing Facility in Warden, WA “is the largest commercial-scale canola processing facility west of the Rocky Mountains.”

As a result of the above-mentioned business growth and economic development and the future potential growth in the Warden, WA area as well as the previously mentioned safety issues, various companies, organizations and government entities are expressing support of state transportation funding to appropriated/allocated so that the intersection of WA-17 and WA-170 can be upgraded and expanded to accommodate the increasing truck freight and traffic coming from and going to Warden to service existing and new industries.

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SOURCE Port of Warden