UVC Based Disinfection Solutions for Automotive Applications

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KPR is excited to announce the launch of UVC based disinfection solutions for automotive applications.

UVC light is not naturally found on earth, as it is filtered out in the earth’s atmosphere, and hence during evolution there was no need for life on earth to invent shielding against UVC. Happily, man has created UVC light to profoundly disinfect surfaces and air from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The KPR product utilizes UVC technology to disinfect the interiors of cars, trucks and other modes of transportation. It can be strategically placed in several areas of the interior.

The "CAR-UVC" that KPR will bring onto the market is a visor that can be clipped onto the original visor of the car, or can be replaced with an OEM version. The CAR-UVC is capable of disinfecting the driver space within 10 to 20 minutes. With one push of a button the visor starts to count down a lead time, typically one minute, so that the customer can get out of the car and close it, after which the disinfection starts. This disinfection typically lasts 5 to 10 minutes disinfecting the air, seat, steering wheel and center console. The back of the headrest also has a fixture built-in so that the back side of the car interior can also be disinfected, which typically requires 5-10 minutes. The exact minimal disinfection times depend on the model of the car. An IR motion detector aborts the disinfection if a person or animal is detected in the reach of the UVC LEDs. Alternatively, a dedicated smartphone app can be used to safely start the cycle remotely when the driver is outside the car. The UV-C light is not safe for humans or animals, however, fortunately the Glass blocks UVC light and protects the area outside the car. Multiple systems can be coupled in a master-slave way to simultaneously disinfect all seats in a vehicle.

The company is targeting the following markets that can benefit from this technology:

– Personal Cars

– Company cars

– Rental fleets

– Car sharing services

– Ride sharing services

– Bus and truck companies

Ken Ahmad says: "KPR believes that our product will positively impact the way we travel over the world again, without fear for our health or harming others. KPR can provide their technology assets to automotive interior manufacturers and automotive companies that want to give trust to their clients that their health is in good hands when travelling."

KPR, Inc. emerged from a collaboration between experts in the field of Automated Driving, Disinfection and Start-Up acceleration.

For more information about our (patent-pending) technology and possible dedicated applications please contact us.

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