Trustworthy and Reliable Experts: United Regions Van Lines Has Your Long-Distance Moves Covered

United Regions Van Line is proud to offer a white-glove service to people who want an easier, stress-free moving experience.

MILWAUKEE, Dec. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Long-distance moving is time-consuming and expensive. It’s also stressful, even under the best circumstances. But United Regions Van Lines has a team of expert cross-country movers to make the process easier. Their services are often less expensive and time-consuming than DIY moves.

While it may be tempting for people to navigate the long-distance moving process themselves, inexperienced movers may encounter significant issues that make the process an expensive and logistical nightmare. These risks compound during state-to-state moving experiences thanks to unfamiliar geography, different traffic laws, road closures, detours, inclement weather, breakdowns, and accidents.

There are also cost and convenience factors that one must take into consideration. State-to-state moves aren’t just about getting household goods from one location to another. Without the help of cross-country movers, that means planning and paying for food, gas, and lodging on the trip. There may even be lost time from work.

Rather than determining how to best deal with these issues, it is advisable to leave these complex moves to trained professionals. United Regions Van Lines provides an alternative that is safer and more convenient than self-directed moves.

One thing that isn’t often considered is the impact that state-to-state moving has on fragile items. Movers must take special care when packing these items to ensure they will arrive intact. The moving professionals at United Regions Van Lines will safely pack all items using best practices and the highest quality boxes and packing materials. When used in conjunction with waterproofing and shockproofing materials, URVL can guarantee that all electronics, keepsakes, and other objects will arrive safely and on time.

If customers have concerns about their property being stolen or misrouted, United Regions Van Lines has taken steps to mitigate this concern. URVL has implemented a comprehensive security system to keep items secure for the duration of every move.

Ultimately, what customers receive is a hands-off moving experience that is guaranteed to be completed successfully. This includes the safe, on-time delivery of all items, including packing, loading, and unloading. These services also include unpacking and furniture disassembly and reassembly.

As a result, much of the risk and cost associated with long-distance moving can also be eliminated or minimized by hiring professional cross-country movers from United Regions Van Lines.

Their moving service has an established track record of successfully moving families across the United States. The leadership team at URVL credits this to hiring and training only the best cross-country movers. Every employee has a minimum of two years of experience and is certified by the company following a thorough evaluation. They are licensed, insured, and DOT-compliant, so they are capable of handling any complication and will ensure that customers’ goods are delivered safely and on time.

To power the success of their moving services, United Regions Van Lines has a company infrastructure that allows them to deliver top-tier services to every customer. While the movers at United Regions Van Lines are executing worry-free moves for customers, the executive team provides logistical support. They plan the safest, most efficient routes, and they stay on top of news and weather in case they need to make any last-minute changes.

This means that instead of dealing with the stress and complexities of moving, URVL customers can focus on relocating themselves, family members, and pets. This proven state-to-state moving process is designed for the maximum convenience of customers and can turn a stressful experience into one that customers might even enjoy.

United Regions Van Lines operates in over 30 states — with warehouses in 7 states — but their locations are strategically placed so that families across the United States can have their moving needs met. After being in business for more than 25 years, they are prepared to handle even the most complicated moves.

URVL understands that long-distance moves are often an emotional, stressful experience. As such, they have designed their moving services to prioritize the customer’s needs, anticipate and resolve potential issues, and deliver expert service with empathy. 

All of these services and guarantees are offered at exceptionally competitive prices. URVL’s rates for moving services often cost significantly less than their competitors, resulting in a move that families can plan for without an additional financial burden.

About United Regions Van Lines: United Regions Van Lines is the product of the dedicated work of a group of friends. For over 20 years, this moving company has specialized in exclusively long-distance interstate moves for clients of varying sizes. URVL is developing an all-inclusive service package that takes care of all aspects of the moving process. Their service extends from coast to coast and border to border covering many states but particularly focusing on the midwest, the south, and the west coast. Learn more about United Regions Van Lines at

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