Tri-State Sets Industry Milestone with Unprecedented GUARANTEED $2,300 Weekly Pay for DOD Team Drivers

Leading the Charge Against Traditional Pay Models to Elevate Driver Compensation

JOPLIN, Mo., March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking shift from industry norms, Tri-State Motor Transit announces the launch of a revolutionary pay structure for its DOD Team Drivers, promising an unparalleled seven-day workweek guarantee of $2,300 starting April 1, 2024. This initiative shatters the traditional pay-per-mile paradigm and firmly positions Tri-State as the vanguard of Driver compensation and welfare in the logistics sector.

Michael Fisk, Vice President of Hiring, Safety, and Development stated, “It’s a new dawn for the American truck Driver, who is the backbone of our nation’s economy. For too long, their compensation hasn’t matched their immense contribution. At Tri-State, we’re changing the narrative, prioritizing Driver stability, respect, and a compensation package that reflects their invaluable work and dedication.”

The innovative compensation strategy responds to the challenges Drivers face in the industry, including unpredictable earnings and a lack of respect for their profession. The new Tri-State model guarantees significant earnings for DOD individual team Drivers and DOD Teams, advocating for enhanced Driver welfare and professional acknowledgment within the transportation industry.

“Finally, a company that sees our worth and sets the bar high for how Drivers should be compensated. Tri-State’s new pay structure brings not just financial stability but a renewed sense of respect for our profession,” shared Ty Lander, an OTR Driver at Tri-State since 2012.

The initiative is part of Tri-State’s mission to redefine industry standards, focusing on fairness, transparency, and respect for its Drivers. “Our goal isn’t just to offer competitive pay; it’s about redefining the value placed on our Drivers’ crucial role within our success and the logistics industry at large,” Fisk added.

About Tri-State Motor Transit:

Tri-State Motor Transit (TSMT) is a specialized logistics and transportation leader headquartered in Joplin, Missouri. With over 90 years of experience, TSMT has established itself as the go-to carrier for high-security shipments, including sensitive military freight, requiring the utmost care and confidentiality. As a pivotal player in the U.S. logistics and supply chain sector, TSMT dedicates itself to offering unparalleled services nationwide, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency in every shipment.

At Tri-State, our mission is to exceed expectations, not only in terms of the secure and timely delivery of cargo but also in our commitment to our Drivers’ welfare and professional growth. Recognizing our team’s critical role in our success and the broader economy, we strive to provide a work environment based on dignity, respect, and fair compensation. Our innovative pay structures and emphasis on Driver satisfaction underscore our dedication to leading the industry forward, both in technological advancements and workforce treatment.

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