STAR Systems International Introduces Next Generation Windshield and Headlamp Transponder

HONG KONG, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — STAR Systems International Limited, a market leader in Smart City solutions, introduces Zenith, its new windshield and headlamp transponder.  Zenith features robust memory protection, advanced data security and superior read sensitivity along with top-notch performance and reliability.

Zenith protects stored memory with a robust error-correcting architecture that is immune to single-bit errors, such as bit flips. In addition to the permanently locked and 96-bit TID and password-read protected user memory, Zenith enhances security through a dynamic verification process that prevents cloning attempts.  In addition, this transponder features an industry-leading read sensitivity of -22.5 dBm. With an antenna that is optimized to work on either a vehicle’s windshield or headlamp, Zenith is a simple, single solution for any vehicle.

“The Zenith is designed to meet and exceed interoperability standards in Tolling,” said Chris Cheung, Senior Manager of Technical Marketing at STAR Systems. “The new product is currently undergoing OmniAir certification and is expected to be completed soon.”

Zenith comes with STAR Systems’ signature Non-Removable, Non-Transferable (NRNT) Tamper Evident feature or Tamper Evident Break On Removal (BOR) features.  The material construction assures long-term reliability and durability in harsh environments typically seen in Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) applications.

“This industry is in need of a next generation transponder,” said Robert Karr, CEO of STAR Systems. “Zenith delivers an unparalleled combination of performance, advanced features, quality and reliability. We expect it to be a very successful product.”

Zenith is an excellent choice for applications such as electronic toll collection (ETC), congestion pricing, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Parking and Access Control, etc.  It is currently available for shipment.

About STAR Systems International 

Founded in 2013, STAR Systems International is a world leader in Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies.  STAR Systems focuses on providing best-in-class transponders, readers and professional consulting services for Smart City Initiatives, including Electronic Tolling (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications.

STAR Systems is guided by three principles: Outstanding People, Innovative Products and Service Excellence. These principles reflect the Company’s long-term expansive strategy to advance Smart City Technologies. STAR Systems strives to ensure customer success by leveraging the Company’s technical expertise and implementation experience. 

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