SSI Introduces New Lineup of High-Performance Self-Error Correcting Transponders

HONG KONG, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — STAR Systems International (SSI), a market leader in Smart City Products, is excited to announce the launch of its new lineup of high-performance self-error correcting vehicle transponders. These new transponders deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability in data transmission, addressing the challenges faced by traditional systems.

SSI’s new self-error correcting transponder lineup includes its Archer, Altair, Zenith, Genesis, Agena, and Alcor transponder designs. These transponders incorporate advanced algorithms to ensure accurate and reliable data transmission. They effectively eliminate errors caused by data corruption such as bit-flips, resulting in enhanced data integrity and reduced communication errors.

“SSI’s enhanced self-error correcting vehicle transponders set new standards for accuracy, reliability, and data integrity in the Automatic Vehicle Identification industry,” said Robert Karr, CEO at SSI. “We are excited to offer a solution that provides unmatched accuracy and reliability, contributing to dependable and more efficient transportation systems.”

For more information about SSI’s enhanced error correcting vehicle transponders, contact SSI at
. For more information about the evolution of transponder data integrity in vehicle transponders, please refer to our white paper recently published by SSI.

About STAR Systems International
Founded in 2013, STAR Systems International (SSI) is a world leader in Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies. SSI focuses on providing best-in-class transponders, readers and professional consulting services for Smart City Initiatives, including Electronic Tolling (ETC), Congestion/Road Use Charging, Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Express/HOT Lane, Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications.

SSI strives to ensure customer success by leveraging the Company’s technical expertise and implementation experience. SSI is guided by three principles: Outstanding People, Innovative Products and Service Excellence. These principles reflect the Company’s long-term expansive strategy to advance Smart City Technologies.
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