Square Cow Moovers are Mooing into Franchising

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What’s the secret ingredient to how Square Cow Moovers steered such success? It’s their laser focused dedication to serving their community with a seamless moving experience. For the Lombard family, moving to a new city played a big part in their story and jumpstarted the incredible business they have today. When Wayne Lombard devised a plan to herd his family together all in one city, he knew it would be a herculean task. But the thought of being able to witness the growth of his grandchildren was all the reason he needed to make it happen. Through the love and support of this close-knit family, they started their company serving the Austin area with their next big mooves. 

With over 15 years of experience, Square Cow is excited to announce its venture into franchising. Currently, the company has expanded to seven branches spanning two states. While the Lombards have been fortunate to have the assistance of their loving family, they have decided to expand this business experience for those interested in franchise ownership. It’s not too often that a window of opportunity comes along to own your own moving business in this type of high-demand industry. With guidance, Square Cow is prepared to show future business owners what it takes to move a herd from point A to point B.

Targeting the southeast region of the United States, Square Cow Moovers wants to present an opportunity for growth to other cities and their communities. While remaining aligned with their beliefs on family, team, culture, kindness, and professionalism, the company is proud to offer this kind of freedom to someone who enjoys making a deep impact.

For those interested in joining a family of moovers, the Square Cow team is excited to help open and operate a moving business in their city. At their flagship location in Austin, Texas, partners will receive training and support every step of the way while embodying their core values of courtesy, excellence, honesty, and hard work. From all areas of the industry, including operations, marketing, staffing, finances, and more, Square Cow sets their herd up for success. Even before that first truck hits the road, franchise owners will feel confident in their ability to serve their community with outstanding moving experiences.

The franchising program has already begun accepting applications during a time when Americans are moving faster and more often than ever before. Whether it’s local or long distance, residential or commercial, Square Cow Moovers is eager to serve more communities and more families. 

For information on how you can join the Square Cow Moovers family as a business owner with a herd of your own, visit squarecowmovers.com/franchise/.

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