Sigma360 Announces Significant Upgrades to Adverse Media Screening Capabilities

Platform updates include next generation AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), expanded system configurability and unification of global structured and unstructured data into singular risk profiles

Improvements are driving industry-leading hit and catch rates at scale and enabling organizations to implement a true risk-based approach 

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sigma360, a leading AI-powered risk screening and monitoring platform that enables compliant global commercial relationships, today announced powerful new features and technical capabilities that drive enhanced risk management and significant productivity for organizations who leverage, or seek to leverage, adverse media as a key tenant of their global compliance strategy.

“I am proud to say that our continued investment in AI and overall system configurability is driving significant efficiency gains for our clients, particularly as it relates to adverse media screening, a historically thorny problem for organizations to get right,” said Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO of Sigma360. “Our goal is to deliver the absolute best adverse media screening capability available, while also providing lightning fast PEP and Sanctions screening all from a single platform and API call.” 

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guides organizations to carry out “verifiable adverse media searches” as part of their client risk assessments and enhanced due diligence procedures. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong and a number other countries similarly require and guide toward utilization of adverse media screening and deeper diligence checks as part of an effective, risk-based approach. 

However, due to current inefficiencies and outdated vendor approaches, organizations either do not implement this capability or implement it on a limited basis. Those that go-forward with enterprise wide implementations are typically overrun with false positives that create significant organizational cost burdens and regulatory risk.

With the backdrop of growing geopolitical tensions, interruptions to global supply chains and rising expectations around risk management, leading firms are re-evaluating their compliance posture and adopting new, purpose built solutions they can cost-effectively manage and scale. 

The Sigma360 platform automates the process of assessing individuals and companies across vast amounts of data, such as global media. Some of the key advantages of the Sigma360 platform versus standard approaches, include overall accuracy, speed, ease of system configuration and depth of global coverage. 

For example, in recent adverse media benchmarking, Sigma360’s screening capabilities achieved strong results that included the following illustrative examples:

–  According to a U.S. Federal regulator, “Sigma360 matches, and in many instances, exceeds adverse media systems historically relied upon”

–  Delivered > 90% increase in efficiency using smart filters, article deduplication and low code, no code configuration capabilities present in the platform

–  Drove a > 110% decrease in overall hit rates, while achieving an equal catch rate versus legacy adverse media providers

–  Surfaced previously unidentified human rights violations related to manufacturing in a complex supply chain, as well as nexus to North Korean-based manufacturing

New Sigma360 capabilities represent a combination of advanced AI and NLP model improvements, novel application of LLMs for boosted relevancy, expanded and proprietary source data and deeper configuration that enables a user to consider dates of birth, entity location, publisher location, tunable risk materiality, tunable entity relevance, risk type and a range of other factors. 

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