Savvy Wellness and Quick Stop Urgent Care Team Up to Deliver COVID-19 Tests to Help People Get Back to the Office

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since Governor Gavin Newsom has lifted the business closure restrictions due to COVID-19, 1000’s of Southern Californians are going to be heading back to the office. To insure worker’s Safety and peace of mind as they start to go back to the workplace, it is more important than ever that offices open with a COVID-19 compliant safety and protocol plan in place. That includes insuring that employees have easy access to COVID-19 testing.  

Robert Williams CEO of Savvy wellness a Southern California wellness company says:

“The past method of standing in long lines at clinics or waiting in your car for hours in a parking lot just to be tested for COVID-19 is not a suitable solution. There had to be a more efficient procedure to get a COVID-19 test.”

Quick Stop Urgent care with two locations in the Los Angeles area with a full medical staff had the answer.

Dr. Khalaf the owner and lead Doctor at Quick Stop Urgent Care came up with the inspired idea that is the perfect answer to the problem.   “We can bring the testing to them; our Mobile testing unit will come right to an office parking lot.  We have the ability to test 100’s of workers a day, as they arrive to the office or at the convenience of their lunch break.” 

Savvy Wellness created the product Germs Away Plus Single Serve packets of hand sanitizer, geared specifically for the office workspace environment.    An on the go sanitizing solution that provides 80% Alcohol for maximum germ-killing effect with a proprietary blend of essential oils that creates a pleasant scent and leaves your hands Soft and invigorated.   

“This is a timely partnership that will help local LA businesses keep their employees and workplaces safe.” Says Mr. Williams.  

“When the vaccine becomes more readily available, our mobile team can deliver them as well.”  Says Dr. Khalaf. 

Together we are delivering an on time and on target solution to the LA business community. 

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