SafeCleanRide (SCR) Partners with 'Limo Anywhere' to Provide SCR Certification to Drivers: Setting the Gold Standard for Sanitation Training Protocols in the Luxury Transportation Industry

SEATTLE, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SafeCleanRide LLC ( announced it had entered into a co-marketing agreement with Limo Anywhere LLC to begin certifying limo operators and drivers via SCR’s proprietary Safety Awareness Program (SAP). SCR offers the only completely streamlined and standardized third-party-based training system focused on awareness of contagions, deep cleaning, and sanitation best practices for personal/public health matters related to public transportation. Developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, SCR has already begun to shift the way the transportation industry prepares its professional drivers to deal with hygiene and contagion concerns. SCR is used by schools, tour and public busing companies, Uber and Lyft drivers, government and commuter transports, as well as taxi and luxury ground drivers across the nation.

“We’re happy and excited to work with Limo Anywhere,” said Dr. Vojkan Tasic, Ph.D., SCR Head of Technology and CEO of Limos4. “Our SAP training represents a continued commitment to creating an environment of safety and trust in the transportation industry – a commitment we know they share and wish to extend to their clients.”

“Trust and consumer confidence is what the travel industry needs right now,” said Sean Arena, President of Limo Anywhere. “As families and businesses start traveling again, it is important that they know their transportation providers are doing everything they can to keep them safe. Our transportation customers have always put the health and safety of employees and users before everything else. Anything that helps improve safety and overall confidence in our industry is good for everyone. I believe the SCR program is a great fit for our members and industry.”

SCR Training Protocols: Reviewed by Industry and Medical Experts

  • Dr. Amesh Adalja: Senior Scholar and a pandemic preparedness expert at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Dr. Adalja’s work focuses on emerging infectious disease, pandemic preparedness, and biosecurity. He has served on multiple U.S. governmental panels tasked with developing guidelines for the treatment of disease outbreak in mass casualty settings. He is also a spokesperson and a fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).
  • Dr. Dennis Harp: A chemist with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, Dr. Harp has been a scientific consultant in the disinfection industry for over 14 years. With more than 32 years of experience in public education, Dr. Harp is an author, inventor, and has owned and operated a variety of businesses. He served the NSF directly by helping develop standards for wastewater treatment.
  • Dr. Marshall Zablen: The medical director of Norton Medical, a transportation drug-testing leader in California – including FAA regulated aircraft, bus and limo drivers – Dr. Zablen is a board-certified internist who started the first public and confidential HIV testing program when the HIV epidemic first hit. Dr. Zablen is also a transportation safety champion, assisting organizations like the Greater California Livery Association with standardizing safety rules for ride-hail, limousine, and taxi drivers.

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SafeCleanRide is a signature training and testing certification program specifically engineered for the transportation industry, and was developed and reviewed by an expert panel of prestigious virologists, doctors, and transportation experts based on the educational goals of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. With its signature Safety Awareness Program, SafeCleanRide unites the ground transportation industry in the fight to minimize risks associated with contagious diseases – providing education and certifications easily added to any transportation business. Learn more at:

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