SafeCleanRide Revolutionizes Transportation-Hygiene-Safety Protocols With Creation of New Third-Party Training and Testing Certification Program – School and Tour Buses, Short and Long-Haul Trucks/Vans, Limos, Ride-Hailing, Delivery Services, Government Fleets and More

SEATTLE, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SafeCleanRide LLC (SCR – recently announced the launch of its signature training and testing certification program set to completely transform how transportation hygiene instruction is undertaken across the globe. SCR is a completely streamlined and standardized third-party-based curriculum focused on awareness of contagions, cleaning, and sanitation best practices and personal/public health matters related to public transportation. The new protocols were created and tested by transportation and technology veterans, under the watchful guidance of a panel of medical experts to ensure it is scientifically sound and in full alignment with CDC guidelines.

“SCR is a training system that has been perfected by industry experts who knew exactly how important and timely their work was,” said Dr. Vojkan Tasic, PhD., SCR Head of Technology and CEO of Limos4. “SCR was developed to help fight against pathogens exactly like the coronavirus, using education, awareness and rigorous testing. We want people to be able to move freely through the world again, and the public needs to know that the transportation industry has taken their health concerns seriously. We are dedicated to consumers’ health and well-being, and that is why SCR is now the world’s only online training certification for this type of curriculum. We fully expect the SCR Certified Seal-of-Approval to rapidly become the industry gold standard – a recognized symbol of public assurance that vehicles and drivers have met the highest quality sanitation-training protocols.”

SafeCleanRide: Expert Medical Panel Advisors

Created with all of the educational and health goals of the CDC in mind, SCR has been fully reviewed and endorsed by an esteemed panel of experts in virology, chemistry, cleaning protocols and transportation. Speaking of the SCR program, two panel members remarked:

“I have reviewed the coronavirus-related materials of SCR, LLC and have found the materials they developed for their members to be robust and well-suited to reducing the harm of this virus in transportation settings. Additionally, their desire to not only instill knowledge, but measure the acquisition of that knowledge through formal assessment, is remarkable,” –Dr. Amesh Adalja, Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

“I am delighted to participate in the SCR program to support the necessary training and disinfection protocols to safeguard public health,” –Dr. Dennis Harp, Chemist, National Sanitation Foundation International

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