Richard Gray’s ‘Appetite for Convenience’ Outlines a Winning Sell-by-Date Strategy for Perishable Goods Sellers

New Book Provides a Solid Foundation for How the Perishable Goods Industry Works and How to Build and Maintain a Relevant Sales Model!

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Richard Gray, of Gray Growth Logistics, is a leading strategist in global direct-to-consumer marketing and business model development. In the latest book, Gray underscores how dramatically the process of selling perishable goods online needs to change in a post-pandemic world.

During a recent launch event, author Richard Gray said, “In a challenging business environment, businesses that are just making it out of the pandemic that fail to adjust to the changing customer expectations are going to lose a significant advantage. This is the new normal for ecommerce business owners, sales reps, and C-suite execs in the field.”

Richard Gray’s expertise includes frozen food logistics, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, and more. Gray advises food and beverage brands large and small on launching and scaling in the fast-paced world of ecommerce and has helped develop DTC programs for some of the nation’s top food and meal delivery services.

Answering a question, Gray said, “As an expert in direct-to-consumer sales, shares what food manufacturers, CPG companies, and start-ups must know to succeed, including the advantages of selling DTC, including higher margins, lower cost of entry, and a direct relationship with consumers. The unique handling and logistics requirements of perishable foods. DTC supply chain basics, including the different supply chains of refrigerated and frozen foods. How to find and work with co-manufacturers, third-party logistics companies, last-mile delivery companies, and other partners, as well as how DTC marketing works and the best channels and tactics to use?”

Richard has extensive experience in a wide range of industries in nearly every trade class imaginable, including multi-level, retail, D-T-C, and more. He also has a thorough understanding of the process of structuring a business around a product, service, or concept from start to finish. His current main emphasis is assisting food and beverage firms of all sizes to establish and/or scale in the quick-moving online world. For some of the top meal delivery services offered through e-commerce in the nation, he has assisted in the development of DTC programs.

He further stated, “The pandemic has brought about cascading debt loads, bankruptcies, tighter budgets, and a slew of other difficulties for businesses, especially those that are or thinking of operating in the perishable goods space. But, that doesn’t mean you’re setting up for failure. With years of experience in various areas of the business, such as manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, multi-level, retail,  D-T-C, and logistics of perishable foods, I am in an ideal position to help guide business owners on the strategies that will work best for them along with the pros and cons of selling on Amazon and other third-party sites, and some useful predictions for the future of DTC food sales to help you make a more informed decision.”

This book seeks to inform people interested in selling perishable foods (frozen foods) via the DTC channel, addressing the need for information for those who are either in the food business or are entering the food business. While the information presented within will not make you a direct-to-consumer logistics expert, it will provide a solid foundation for how this industry works.

For those businesses whose wares are perishable, processes such as inventory management, sourcing, and shipping are very real challenges. Richard Gray’s ‘Appetite for Convenience’ breaks down the process into bite-size chunks that’s easily digestible for businesses operating in the perishable goods niche.

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Richard Gray has all the connections necessary to offer you the ideal option for your DTC frozen food business. You should read Richard Gray’s “Appetite for Convenience” if you’re seeking for a partner to assist with the e-commerce implementation for DTC frozen food products.

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