Revolutionizing Healthcare Logistics with Arrive Smart & Secure Mailboxes

Arrive will leverage AI and automation to empower laboratories and hospitals for safer, more efficient supply chain

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Arrive, the company known for its smart and secure mailboxes and Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, prepares for the upcoming roll-out of its devices, new use cases for the device are emerging. The latest one involves the $75 billion diagnostic and medical laboratory industry and the $3.6 trillion hospital industry.

“Healthcare, with its profound impact on lives and the economy, demands transformative and innovative solutions. Any operation that slashes costs within the sector can be game-changing,” said Arrive CEO, Dan O’Toole. “But when these savings also elevate service quality, the impact is monumental. Arrive, alongside the power of AI and automation, delivers this transformative potential.”

The Arrive MaaS platform leverages breakthrough technology and AI to deliver both cost-savings and service improvements. The company’s smart and secure mailboxes provide safe, climate-assisted space for pick-ups and deliveries of all types with access by authorized users only.

“Labs that adopt Arrive’s MaaS platform can now efficiently and securely ship and receive sensitive samples, supplies and goods to meet their growing demands with unparalleled agility,” O’Toole added. “For hospitals and medical campuses, which have traditionally relied on human transport, our platform offers a groundbreaking autonomous solution to expedite lab results, ensure sample security, precise temperature control, and it eliminate most of the contamination risks associated with human handling.”

Here are four ways in which leveraging Arrive’s MaaS platform can lead to substantial cost savings in the healthcare industry:

  1. Preserving Sample Stability: Arrive reduces the risks of sample spoilage or damage, ensuring the data integrity of precious samples.
  2. Enhancing Sample Security: Proprietary security measures help mitigate the chances of sample theft, safeguarding invaluable medical assets.
  3. Optimizing Inventory Management: Real-time tracking of samples and supplies to streamline operations and foster a deeper understanding of ordering needs.
  4. Boosting Patient Confidence: Advanced features such as smart notifications, camera security, and ultraviolet light sanitation provide an extra layer of reassurance to patients.

About Arrive: Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., Arrive (formerly Dronedek) is revolutionizing autonomous last-mile delivery and pickup with its smart and secure mailboxes and Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. The company empowers autonomous logistics to operate more efficiently by leveraging secure and climate-assisted cargo space, smart alerts, and chain of custody. The MaaS platform’s apps and APIs make it easy for partners and customers to use its features. Arrive has raised over $9 million from nearly 5,000 investors and forged strategic partnerships with several industry leaders. Learn more about Arrive’s innovative technology at

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