Quantus Innovatus LLC Announces Breakthrough in Power Gathering Spanning DC Systems Proven to Help Extend Battery Life

A new innovative and proven method to gather energy from the environment.

RIO RANCHO, N.M., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With 13 years of research a proven way of acquiring energy from the environment has been found. It will allow a system to acquire energy as it’s running to supplement its existing power and to be able to extend the amount of time that system is running. This will allow a DC system to run longer and produce savings.

An estimated 6.8 MM cars are on the roads and projected to increase to 10.2 MM by 2026. The projected size of the DC power market to be $15.6B by 2026. Our product will allow multiple industries to extend the ability of their systems to run on their current DC platforms. Another source of energy has been needed for some time that will help relieve the stress on the current energy grids around the world. Oil could be replaced at a faster rate than initially projected.

"Our revolutionary proven system assists in the acquisition of energy from the environment for their electric vehicle which is then used by the system or stored for future use," says Robert Melodia, CEO at Quantus Innovatus LLC.

This breakthrough will allow further research into how accessing other areas of energy present within the environment and quantum field that will benefit all of us.

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Quantus Innovatus is proud to help find ways to ease our energy needs. We have been researching multiple ways of using energy from the environment and quantum field to help people and society live better. For more information – www.quantusinnovatus.com

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Robert Melodia

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