Qii.AI Strategic Alliance with Kongsberg Maritime Delivers First in the World Technology to Maritime Infrastructure Asset Inspectors

TORONTO, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qii.AI announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Kongsberg Maritime, a provider of maritime technologies that is majority owned by the Norwegian government. Under the terms of the arrangement, sonar inspection experts and other subscribers to Kongsberg’s recently launched ScanFuse™ service, will gain access to Qii.AI’s asset visualization and inspection platform that enables collaborative, remote, AI-assisted inspection of concrete and steel structures like bridges, dams, ships, and turbines.  Qii.AI is the only provider of visualization software for infrastructure inspection that merges below-the-waterline (sonar) inspection data with above-the-waterline (visual, thermal, lidar) inspection data, to provide a single, wholistic view of the asset. 

Commenting on the agreement, Qii CEO Michael Cohen, said "We are thrilled to have secured a partner with the strength, market presence, and reputation for excellence that Kongsberg Maritime brings to help Qii.AI extend the reach of our platform. The Qii.AI sonar stitching algorithm will save sonar inspectors hours on virtually every inspection report, where previously data had to be painstakingly assembled, using tools that weren’t designed for the purpose." 

Cohen continued, "combined with the other advantages of the Qii platform, from inspection data management and analysis tools, to computer-assisted detection and quantification of corrosion in steel, and problems like spalling, delamination, and cracking in concrete, we believe ScanFuse subscribers are going to see measurable benefits, and we’re especially excited to be introducing a world-first: above-the waterline and below-the-waterline data integration that brings inspectors and decision makers the most complete view possible of their assets’ reality. 

Kongsberg Maritime’s Sales Director for Coasts, Ports, and Inland Waterways, Konrad Mech is equally bullish on the agreement, commenting, "We are very proud of the centuries-long history of our company, but we are equally proud of our well-earned reputation for technological innovation. ScanFuse and Kongsberg’s partnership with Qii.AI is another example of that commitment and of our desire to bring the best technology in hardware and software to our sonar equipment users.  Inspection of waterfront facilities is very challenging below the waterline. We know that delivering a tool that integrates to Ports’ Asset Management Plans and GIS systems will make port operations and maintenance faster and more efficient.  We recognized the power of the Qii.AI platform to simplify and improve the emerging workflows and processes involved in remote, digital inspections of infrastructure assets. The auto-detection algorithms they [Qii.AI] are running are genuinely amazing – they’re going to change the way inspectors in our industries operate.  So much is possible with a tool like this that wasn’t before."

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About Qii.AI

Qii.AI is a web-based platform that empowers remote, collaborative inspections of critical infrastructure assets such as bridges, dams, and wind turbines.  Qii.AI uses computer vision and machine learning to improve the inspection process with computer-assisted detection and quantification of corrosion, cracking, delamination, and other problems in steel and concrete structures.  Qii.AI is the only provider of visualization software for infrastructure inspection data that merges below the waterline (sonar) data with above-the-waterline (visual, thermal, lidar) data, to provide a single, wholistic view of your asset. 

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About Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime is a global marine technology company providing innovative and reliable ‘Full Picture’ technology solutions for all marine industry sectors including merchant, offshore, cruise, subsea and naval. Headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, Kongsberg Maritime has manufacturing, sales and service facilities in 34 countries.

Kongsberg Maritime solutions cover all aspects of marine automation, safety, manoeuvring, navigation, and dynamic positioning as well as energy management, deck handling and propulsion systems, and ship design services. Subsea solutions include single and multibeam echo sounders, sonars, AUV and USV, underwater navigation and communication systems.

Kongsberg Maritime is part of Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG), an international, knowledge-based group that celebrated 200 years in business during 2014. KONGSBERG supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, and the defence and aerospace industries.

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