Product Sourcing from China & Freight Shipping Services Help Online Sellers Scale Business

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Norman Farrar and Afolabi Oyerokun give online sellers a unique approach to product sourcing from China and freight shipping services with their new company, Honu Worldwide. The duo is highly recognized and respected in the e-commerce world for their expertise and holistic approach to helping online sellers with successful sourcing and logistics solutions to increase profits and scale their businesses.

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The company’s senior spokesperson provides a surprising statistic that online sellers may not be aware of, “On average, 9 out of 10 online businesses overpay suppliers up to 40%.” Not only is that a staggering number, it means businesses are losing valuable money that can affect the ability to scale their businesses successfully. 

E-commerce experts Farrar and Oyerokun have assembled an experienced team proficient in the supply chain world, from warehousing to sourcing to shipping and beyond. “The thing is, the subjects of logistics and supply chain are ones little known in the eComm space. This is why we’re able to help nearly everyone we work with in some way,” explains Farrar when talking about the conception of the company.

Honu Worldwide specializes in product sourcing and freight services as described below:

Product Sourcing – The Private Label Sourcing Plan includes

  • Finding better suppliers;
  • Renegotiating the lowest price possible without sacrificing product quality;
  • Project tracking with a project management dashboard;
  • Receive the same pricing that Chinese locals receive;
  • Purchases made in local currency;
  • Recreating existing products and samples for brand approval;
  • Dedicated sourcing experts available to talk, chat or video conference in real-time;
  • Samples and prototypes designed with brand logos;
  • Order processing management;
  • Adding business logo and artwork on product packaging.

Freight Services – A service designed to help brands develop the best and most cost-effective ways to move their inventory from China to the US with improved shipping strategies, including Ocean (China to the US, Europe and Canada), Air Cargo (China to the US, Europe and Canada) and High-Speed Ocean (China to the US).

Also, Honu offers the Tariff Terminator to eliminate tariff overspend and boost margins, Chinese Trademark to protect brands from legal loopholes, Product Repricing to help brands slash their cost of goods while renegotiating payment terms and increasing profit by large margins and 3PL Services for smart warehouse and fulfillment solutions.

The company explains its unique holistic approach: “Unlike one-off and piecemeal providers that offer transactional services, our philosophy is built upon relationships and a win-win mentality that understands that the better your business does, the better we do. The more we can do to help you to cut costs all across your supply chain, the better everyone involved does,” said the company spokesperson.

For online sellers interested in additional information about successfully navigating product sourcing from China with Honu Worldwide, please visit the company’s official website.

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We provide online sellers cost saving solutions they need to increase profits and scale their businesses above and beyond.

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