Porter Freight Funding Partners with Leading USDOT & FMCSA Compliance Agency (US Compliance Services)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Freight factoring company, Porter Freight Funding, has announced a partnership with America’s leading provider of transportation compliance and operating authority services, US Compliance Services. The partnership serves as an opportunity for both companies to provide truck drivers with more business support to get their trucking company started all in one place.

US Compliance Services knows getting your trucking company into compliance under USDOT and FMCSA federal and state laws and regulations can be a daunting and overwhelming task. From getting your BOC-3 to UCR registration, Drug & Alcohol Consortium, and more, US Compliance takes care of all aspects of your transportation compliance and operating authority.

“We’ve been so blessed with the opportunity to work so closely with Porter Freight Funding on both the Fuel Card Program, and the Factoring Services. We speak with hundreds of new trucking companies on a daily basis, and we can help them with their authorities, drug testing, etc., but the most common issue that most of these companies face is a lack of capital or immediate income. Porter has been able to be the answer for that common issue. Over the years, we have worked with a handful of companies in regards to fuel cards and factoring, and Porter Freight Funding has been by far the most responsive, client oriented and flexible company we have worked with. We genuinely feel like our clients are getting the best treatment in working with Porter!” US Compliance’s CEO Justin Owsley said.

Porter Freight Funding President John Land said, “We have many potential clients come to us in need of factoring to start their trucking company, but they have yet to get their operating authority. This partnership with US Compliance Services allows us to bridge the gap between obtaining authority and factoring for new drivers. We are proud to truly be able to offer a one-stop-shop experience for the transportation industry.”

“We’re excited about streamlining the launch process for our clients. This strategic partnership comes with technology-enabled solutions and it helps essential businesses do more business.” Porter’s CGO and Head of Markting Blake Van Leer said. US Compliance Services now offers fuel cards and factoring services through Porter Freight Funding. Porter Freight’s fuel cards offer drivers up to $2,500 weekly for every truck. The program includes a mobile app to help you control costs and spending and to track and plan routes. Factoring through Porter helps control your trucking companies overhead with same-day funding with no hidden fees, upload costs, minimum volume charges or ACH fees. With a 97% advance rate and funding that can grow with your business, Porter can be your short-term or long-term solution to cashflow issues.

To learn more about the combined services offered by Porter Freight Funding and US Compliance Services, visit https://www.uscomplianceservices.org/factoring-fuel-cards/

About Porter Freight Funding:

Porter Freight Funding serves small to mid-sized trucking companies throughout the United States by providing a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to the working capital needs of our clients. Porter Freight specializes in funding solutions for the transportation industry through capital freight factoring.

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