Portability is the Number 1 Concern for Parents Using Car Booster Seats

HOUSTON, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New research from Digital Research Inc. highlights the leading concerns of parents surrounding car booster seat usage. 63% of parents claim issues related to portability are their leading challenge. The research, commissioned by Carfoldio, surveyed a nationwide sample of more than 400 parents and caregivers.

More than half agreed that lack of booster seats for journeys in other cars was an issue. 38% were concerned that booster seats are too large to store easily and carry around.

"Millennials and Gen Z parents demand maximum convenience and maximum safety," explained Jon Sumroy, founder and CEO of the mifold booster seat company. mifold redefined the market by launching ultra-compact and portable booster seats including the mifold range of grab-and-go backless boosters and the hifold the fit-and-fold highbacks.

Sumroy continued, "Road traffic accidents are the number one cause of child deaths in the US. Whilst boosters reduce the risk 45%, still more than 40% of journeys with children between 4 and 12 years old, are without a suitable booster."

Sumroy added: "This research reinforces what we saw when we launched in 2016. When boosters can be easily stored and carried from car to car, boosters are more available, removing a key pain point. This was the driving force behind the invention of mifold and is even more relevant today, for the new generation of parents, especially those adopting shared mobility."

Other concerns highlighted in the research included: "finding booster seats difficult to move from car to car" (33%), "Booster seats takeing up too much room in the back seat of my vehicle" (33%), and "fitting three car seats in a row across the back seat of my car" (32%).

Sumroy concluded: "Consumers needs are changing, whilst traditional car seats have not. They remain bulky and difficult to carry, which restricts their usage. We believe that our new generation of ultra-compact and portable boosters go a long way to solving these issues. This will lead to greater car seat usage and will contribute to achieving the ultimate goal of saving more children’s lives."

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About Carfoldio Ltd.:
Carfoldio Ltd. was founded in 2013 by father of four, Jon Sumroy: his own children were being driven around by other people and he wanted a compact and portable booster seat that was small enough to store is a child’s school bag. The company launched the original mifold grab-and-go booster in 2016 following an Indiegogo campaign that is still the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever, for a juvenile product.

mifold seats have won dozens of innovation, design, consumer and parenting awards including the prestigious NASA Tech Briefs Award and the TIME Best Invention 2020.

Carfoldio has closed investment rounds led by JamJar Investments, (mifold.com/jamjar). And by SweetCapital, (www.mifold.com/sweetcapital).

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