Over 13 Years, Tesla Cars Have Increased Their Power By 23.4% Only – A New Study by Cararac.com

NEW YORK, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new study conducted by Cararac.com, Tesla has increased the engine power of its cars by 23.4%, on average, within 13 years of its history. The full investigation is here: https://cararac.com/blog/tesla-evs-statistics.html

Investigation methods
We looked at all Tesla cars’ technical specs and compared them with other EVs and ICE vehicles on the market. We also compared different Tesla vehicles and looked at how they have changed over the last 13 years.

Key findings:

  1. Modern Tesla cars have 23.4% more power than the company’s first vehicles.
  2. Tesla EVs are 156.8% more powerful than the average car with ICE.
  3. The average driving range of a Tesla car is 293 miles (471.1 km).
  4. On average, Tesla vehicles accelerate 118.9% faster than ICE cars.

How have Tesla vehicles improved over history?
Over the 13 years of its history, Tesla has managed to achieve 23.4% more power, 21.2% higher torque, and a 7% higher top speed, but the vehicles’ dynamics dropped by 3.3% and energy consumption increased.

Comparing the power of Tesla and ICE cars
The average power of Tesla cars is 446 hp, and for ICE vehicles it’s 173 hp. So Tesla has 156.8% more power than the market average. Tesla vehicles are also, on average, 62.8% more powerful than other EVs.

What are the driving range figures?
We found that the average driving range of Tesla vehicles is 293 miles. We also compared low-range cars with long-range ones and saw a sharp increase in battery size for the cars with a longer range.

Acceleration of Tesla cars
Tesla’s fastest car accelerates to 60 mph in 1.9 s. The average figure is 4.35 s to 60 mph. That’s 118.9% faster than the market average (for ICE cars), which is 9.52 s to 60 mph, according to our calculations.

Check out all our findings here: https://cararac.com/blog/tesla-evs-statistics.html

This investigation was conducted by Cararac.com. We provide a wide range of information about car specs and vehicle analytics.

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