Orange EV’s Fleet of Pure Electric Class 8 Trucks Surpasses Three Million Miles and One Million Hours of Operation

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orange EV, a leading manufacturer of innovative, heavy-duty, EV truck solutions, today announced its yard trucks have surpassed several unparalleled milestones that cement its status at the forefront of the Class 8 zero-emission truck space: three million miles of usage, one million hours of operation, and an average uptime of 97 percent for trucks built since 2018, and 99 percent for trucks built since 2020.

With uptime for diesel-powered yard trucks often within the 75-80 percent range, this not only makes Orange EV yard trucks an environmentally conscious, cleaner and quieter alternative, but one with potential to overhaul and improve efficiency and productivity across freight, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, intermodal environments, and more.

"For every company moving trailers or containers, Orange EV aims to provide a superior operational and financial alternative to diesel yard trucks, while accelerating the inevitable transition to electric that will eliminate harmful diesel particulate and greenhouse gas emissions," said Zack Ruderman, VP of Sales and Marketing at Orange EV.

Yard trucks generally operate within the confines of a facility’s freight/cargo yard, moving containers short distances at speeds in the range of 5-25 mph. Surpassing three million EV miles is a significant accomplishment given the slow-speed, stop-start nature of yard truck operation.

Proven Cost Savings and 7.5-year Battery Warranty

With data from more than 90 fleets having already deployed Orange EV yard trucks over the past six years, it has become clear that replacing fossil-fuel powered yard trucks with Orange EV electric trucks is more cost-effective. Customers experience significant savings, especially from fuel, maintenance, and repairs. Lifetime savings can be as much as $500,000, with Orange EV trucks expected to maintain their strong performance and uptime for 10 years or more.

Diesel yard trucks are often traded in or sold after 4 or 5 years of use before their maintenance and repair costs skyrocket. The biggest culprits of downtime and maintenance expense for a diesel yard truck – the engine, transmission, and emissions control system – are not present in Orange EV electric trucks. Instead, Orange EV trucks are equipped with long-life brushless induction motors and zero maintenance lithium-ion battery packs, now with a battery warranty up to 7.5 years or 396,000 kWh of use, whichever comes first.

Orange EV yard trucks also offer a number of health and productivity benefits for businesses and employees. Some of these benefits include safer and cleaner working environments, less downtime due to illness or injury, and reduced exposure to toxic compounds and heavy metals, dangerously loud trucks, and extreme engine heat. The difference for the driver experience is dramatic, with Orange EV trucks becoming the truck of choice on site, much preferred over traditional diesels. This improved driver satisfaction can lead to increased employee retention, an important factor considering current worker shortages.

"Many businesses and governmental organizations have found it difficult to make their planned progress toward achieving sustainability goals, especially in their heavy-duty trucking, due to the limited availability of proven, cost-effective alternatives to the fossil fuel-powered solutions," said Ruderman. "Meanwhile, Orange EV has been delivering electric trucks within 90 days of orders, and demonstrating for years that they can successfully satisfy operational, financial and environmental goals for organizations of all sizes."

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Orange EV, headquartered in Kansas City, MO, is the leading OEM providing industrial fleets with heavy-duty electric vehicle solutions proven to save money while being safer, more reliable, and preferred by drivers and management. Orange EV trucks meet the most rigorous duty cycles and 24/7 shift schedules while eliminating diesel fuel and emissions. Building both new and re-powered terminal trucks, Orange EV was the nation’s first manufacturer offering 100 percent electric Class 8 vehicles to be commercially deployed and scaled. Orange EV’s commercially deployed trucks, chosen by more than 90 fleets across 19 states, Canada, and the Caribbean, have surpassed one million hours of use and three million miles of operation. For more information, please visit

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