On a Mission to Power The World’s Largest Locker Network: Harbor Locker Announces Q4 2023 Cohort of Recipients for its Ecosystem Development Grant

Harbor Lockers awards over $100,000 to the Next Round of Startups; Nytch, Ship Safe Network and Pantry Plus to receive up to $50,000 and launch on the Harbor Network.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harbor Lockers, a division of smart locker manufacturer Luxer One, announces the selection of Nytch, Ship Safe Network and Pantry Plus as the next round recipients for its Ecosystem Development Grant (EDG). The Grant provides these companies and developers opportunities to build and maximize their business through Harbor Lockers secure and smart on-demand marketplace locker network.

Harbor is designed to eliminate the need for any sized business, from startups to established retailers, to manage and maintain their own locker network. Harbor supports and encourages new business builders to build marketplaces and any locker-based applications that will expand the Harbor public locker ecosystem. The Grant empowers app developers who are building key tools and experiences that accelerate the adoption and utilization of Harbor’s Public Locker Network infrastructure. Each qualified participant will be eligible to receive up to $50,000.

“Given the growth of lockers and how they can accelerate growth for companies, we are in the prime position to give opportunities to builders that are looking for new ways to expand and maximize their businesses,” says W. Tad Jenkins, General Manager of Harbor Lockers. “We are providing extra support to those builders that have promising ideas that will prosper with access to our wide public locker network while easing the burden of development time and cost.”

Harbor Lockers requires that all grant recipients have an app eligible on the Harbor Locker Network within its 8-week launch period. Startups will have direct access to the Harbor Connect developer ecosystem, which includes a full-stack locker API + SDK to reach four key milestones and get published in the iOS and Android app stores among other eligibility criteria.

Applications that can be built on Harbor include last-mile package pickup, food pickup, product giveaways, event bag storage, peer-to-peer exchange, IT storage, local marketplace, and many more.

“Receiving the Harbor Ecosystem Grant was critical to reaching our development goals this year. Partnering with Harbor has allowed us to expand our physical reach without the typical costs of building out a physical network, which let us add that energy back to other parts of the business,” says Miles Mufuka Martin Co-Founder, CEO at Relai, a 1H2023 recipient of the Harbor Development Grant. “The team and I are proud of the work so far and we’re excited to keep growing!”

Mobile app developers, full-stack developers, technology early adopters, business owners, and developers of both start-ups and mid-sized companies are all welcome to apply for the grant. Applications are now open and grants will be rolling out early quarterly. To learn more or apply for the Harbor Lockers Ecosystem Development Grant Program, visit: https://harborlockers.com/ecosystem-grant/

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