New Parking Guidance System Helps Customers Locate Spaces Easier, Faster in Denver’s Cultural Center Garage

DENVER, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As more people begin visiting museums and other attractions again in Denver’s Golden Triangle, the City & County of Denver’s Cultural Center Complex Garage now features the INDECT parking guidance system that will allow guests to find a parking space more quickly and better utilize all available parking spaces in the garage. Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) has installed new wayfinding signage with real-time availability and sensors above each parking space, making it easier to find an open parking space.

Juan Alvarez, Off-Street Program Manager for DOTI, is a 20-year veteran of the parking industry. He came to the City & County of Denver after overseeing 19 parking guidance system installations in Beverly Hills, CA. “I’ve experienced first-hand how a PGS system can transform the parking experience and elevate everything associated with it. Denver’s personality and progressive style is the perfect setting for this advanced parking technology,” he explained.

The Cultural Center Complex Garage, which has four levels and 675 parking spaces, serves as Denver’s premier parking destination in the Golden Triangle Creative District. Over the years, the area has grown to include many of the city’s museums, hotels, condominiums, as well as city and county buildings, “As the Golden Triangle area continues to grow and mature, more guests have been parking in the garage during peak times and as they looked for an open parking space, it caused congestion,” added Alvarez. “It was imperative that we found a solution that not only allowed guests to quickly find a space, but to maximize the garage occupancy, even during the busiest time.” The City decided it was time to implement improvements in the garage through a parking guidance system.

After a competitive bidding process, Denver selected the INDECT system consisting of UMS single space indicators and LED signage. “This system is extremely intuitive to the parking customer. Upon entering the garage, they will know exactly how many spaces are available and where they are located on each level,” stated Stephen Evans, General Manager, INDECT USA. According to Evans, a green LED light over a space means it’s available, red indicates occupied and blue is reserved for ADA spaces. “We also installed LED signage on each parking level to indicate the number of open spaces. Since it is synchronized with the space indicators, the signs will show real-time availability,” he added.

The project was completed in late 2020, and due to COVID-19, commissioning recently rolled out a few weeks ago. “The pandemic allowed us test the PGS system, learn how to tailor it for special events, and get comfortable with its reporting and analytics,” Alvarez, added. “We’re ready for the City to come alive again and cannot wait for our guests to take advantage of the added parking guidance feature.”


INDECT is a global provider of parking guidance systems ranging from single space indicators and camera-based sensors to surface lot detection and custom signage. INDECT systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.  INDECT USA can be found online at

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