New “Low Clearance” Collision Prevention Product Keeps Tractor Trailers off Parkways in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

IRVINGTON, N.Y., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System has developed an App that will alert all commercial truck drivers with an audible alarm 100 yards before they are approaching the entrance to a commercial vehicle prohibited Parkway. Along with the alarm, the app provides a “Do Not Enter” sign on the screen at the location of the entrance.

Frank Nugent, an experienced tractor trailer driver from New York has developed and designed the App.

Collisions with “Low Clearance” overpasses on Parkways are a common occurrence causing extensive damage to the overpass and roadways. Drivers and their companies can be responsible for fines and expensive road and overpass repairs depending on the extent of the damage or delays. Towing charges in New York State can cost as much as $10,000.

Solves this problem…
Truck drivers using regular noncommercial navigation apps can be steered onto Parkways in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Especially if they are inexperienced truck drivers, or, from out of town and not familiar with the extensive Parkway system in the Northeast corridor.

No additional driver distraction.
The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System is not a navigation tool, it travels underneath the route the driver is following. When the Parkway entrance is 100 yards ahead, the alarm sounds and the “Do Not Enter” sign appears on the screen. Subsequently, the Sentinel System adds no driver distraction, just a safety distraction when it is needed.

The GiraffeG4 Sentinel is built to integrate smoothly into any Truck Fleet Telematics System…
The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System will work with the Fleet Telematics System your fleet utilizes. It follows independently along with the route your truck is taking and creates absolutely no interference to existing systems.

GiraffeG4 Sentinel Tracking App has also accurately pre-measured and GPS located the “Low Clearance” hazards in NYC, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. and the environs around those locations.

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