New InnoLIFT USA Website Details ORIGINAL Portable Forklifts for Vans and Trucks

CLEVELAND, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — InnoLIFT USA introduces a new, easy to navigate website that is loaded with information, videos, and tutorials on the ORIGINAL portable forklifts for vans and light trucks.  The new site,, details their 4 models of self-loading pallet lifters and how they can help companies make more deliveries per day, while reducing employee fatigue from manually loading and lifting boxes, and increasing efficiency and productivity.  Videos show how battery operated, rechargeable InnoLIFT models eliminate the need for ramps, liftgates, and pallet jacks, allowing a single operator to lift up to 2200 pounds, and share the InnoLIFT among all vehicles within the delivery fleet.  Developed with customers in mind, this intuitive new website allows users to easily find the information needed, research options available, measure their existing vehicles, determine best solution based on their particular situation, place an order, and arrange financing – any time of the day of night. 

Informative and helpful videos illustrate step by step loading and unloading of InnoLIFT, using it with variable surfaces, unloading multiple pallets, unloading from a shipping pallet, and unloading from a cargo van to dock height.  Additional videos show users how to measure their delivery vehicles, when a rear plate might be advantageous, and how to use the InnoLIFT as a platform. 

A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, compiled over years of customer interactions, informs readers on topics such as how does InnoLIFT work, how can it help my business, which model is best for me, how do I recharge my InnoLIFT, how long does a charge last, what type of warranty is offered, what payment types are accepted, what is a rear plate and when might it be advantageous, and more.

Pricing pages show full specifications for the four models offered, pricing, and possible payments with easy financing offered.  Spec sheets and pricing sheets can be downloaded, as can an informative "Pallets versus Skids" PDF. 

A partner’s page details InnoLIFT USA partners who provide additional services which may be desired.  The originator of the portable forklift, Frendix, has over 20 years of developing innovative material handling solutions, is described along with a link.  Value Forklifts has been buying and selling quality used forklifts and materials handling equipment for over 20 years, with top names available for half-price or less.  Experienced personnel can match solutions to needs cost effectively. 

"We know that people are busy, and often they need information outside of traditional working hours," said InnoLIFT USA CEO Bryan Pappas.  "This site allows them to do their research, find the optimal solution based on their particular needs, purchase it and even apply for financing – any time of the day or night."

All InnoLIFT products are sold direct to end-users and are backed by a 1-year parts warranty with extended parts warranty and financing also available.   

InnoLIFT USA is a division of Frendix USA, which is the exclusive North American distributor for the InnoLIFT and Frendix brands.  InnoLIFTs are made in Finland and used throughout the world for ergonomic delivery of a wide range of products.

Media contact:
Bryan Pappas

(886) 924-5438


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