New Emissions Solution Oxon2 Awarded De-Carbonization Approval in Europe

HENDERSON, Nev. and BRUSSELS, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Governments and companies throughout the world are committing to net zero greenhouse gas emission targets. Oxon2, an emissions reduction solution developed and marketed by Nevada based FuelMatrix, offers the transportation industry a greener, more sustainable fuel option, and the world, fewer harmful emissions and cleaner air.  

Lean & Green, (https://www// the leading green label in Europe for logistics companies, has approved Oxon2 as a preferred solution for reducing carbon. Lean & Green has 600 participants in over 14 countries in Europe and Canada. Oxon2 is already integrated into the sustainability plans of European fleets to help achieve ambitious CO2 reduction targets.

"Oxon2 is a solution proposed by Lean & Green to its members in logistics for their carbon reduction action plans," says Luc Genot, responsible for Lean & Green Belgium. "We identified three main advantages with Oxon2: first it has an immediate impact, second no CAPEX is required and third but not least, Oxon2 pays for itself and even generates substantial fuel savings."

"Oxon2 has helped our bulk transport company get certification from Lean & Green," explains Marjorie Weiss, owner and manager of Interworks Trans. "One of our major customers in France issued us with a CO2 reduction requirement that we had to achieve in order to keep working for them… Over a three-month test period, Oxon2 enabled us to save 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Thanks to Oxon2 we were able to obtain our Lean & Green label with a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions."

Oxon2 ( is a cost-effective, simple to use drop-in solution free from chemicals or detergents that works on a molecular level enhancing combustion efficiency. Oxon2 dramatically reduces carbon output (CO2e) by up to 21%, reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) output by up to 60% and significantly reduces soot output by up to 90%. In both real world conditions and laboratory tests, Oxon2 consistently demonstrates greener results.

Oxon2 is manufactured via a patented process. When added to fuel in extremely minute quantities, Oxon2 creates a stronger attraction between hydrocarbon (fuel) and oxygen molecules. This attraction "speeds the flame" during combustion, improving combustion effectiveness and significantly reducing carbon and other harmful emissions. Importantly, less fuel is required to deliver the same amount of power.

"Today’s fleets face many challenges in reducing their carbon footprint, and most solutions – such as electrification – are extremely expensive," explains Andrew Lowenstein, CEO of FuelMatrix. "Oxon2 reduces CO2 equivalent emissions of diesel and gasoline fleets by up to 21% with no net costs or capital expenditures. This is a major step in delivering low-carbon fuels."

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FuelMatrix, develops and markets Oxon2, an innovative fuel technology that reduces exhaust pollution and increases the sustainability of a wide range of liquid fuels. Headquartered in Henderson, NV USA, and Brussels, Belgium, FM intends to improve the performance of fuel worldwide while helping companies and governments meet tomorrow’s Net Zero emissions standards today. Learn more at


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