MUNIC EKKO Platform and Edge Computing OBD Dongles Power Smart Connect Project From ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club)

Combining MUNIC telematics Edge + Cloud platform & Hella Gutmann Solutions’ diagnostics, ‘Smart Connect’ is the first of its kind in the industry offering Remote Diagnostics

PARIS, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC), Europe’s largest motoring association and Germany’s largest auto club with 21 million members, announced the launch of their disruptive ‘Smart Connect’ service, based on joint technology from MUNIC and Hella Gutmann Solutions. While vehicle data is regarded as the next automotive goldmine, ADAC is reinventing roadside assistance with a digitalized user experience and innovative services such as full remote vehicle diagnostics. For around 20 years, ADAC road patrol drivers have been using Hella Gutmann’s diagnostic expertise to ensure that its members enjoy reliable mobility, however, the diagnostic equipment had to be physically connected to the vehicle.

‘Smart Connect’, launched in summer 2022 as a pilot program for 10,000 users, offers ADAC members and ADAC staff (Call Center, assistance…) a break-through Remote Assistance Service to remotely connect and perform deep diagnostics of a vehicle via OBD (on-board diagnostics) dongle and Cloud environments, to ensure improved overall roadside assistance. The result of this deep diagnostics is forwarded to a telematics cloud with user interface (dashboard), both provided by MUNIC.

“Smart Connect is one of ADAC’s main strategic initiatives. Thanks to Smart Connect we can already identify multiple opportunities to better serve our members in the future,” says Dieter Busse, Smart Connect Project Manager at ADAC e.V.”

“This is the future of roadside assistance!” The Smart Connect dongle, a palm-sized box, plugs into the car’s diagnostic interface, detects errors in advance and thus prevents failures. ADAC expert Dieter Busse explains why this saves drivers time and money, and why the ADAC can offer its members better services and security with the dongle.

MUNIC is a specialist in artificial intelligence and embedded technologies for the automotive industry, with a strong focus on vehicle data processing and valuation. ADAC ‘Smart Connect’ is based on MUNIC’s OBD dongles and its on-board artificial intelligence engine as well as a suite of MUNIC software: EKKO Data processing & services platform, remote diagnostics dashboard based on EKKO Studio. Together with macsLIVE solution from Hella Gutmann, MUNIC provides ADAC with a complete environment to perform a true in-depth diagnostics session – remotely and digitally. 

“MUNIC Smart Dongles OBD and Cloud AI platform were selected by ADAC for their unique ability to decode and process the extreme diversity of vehicle data. More and more service operators, integrators, and more generally players in the automotive industry are using these technologies to access vehicle data and improve their business or develop new automotive data-based services,” says Aaron Solomon, CEO of MUNIC. “We are delighted with this collaboration with ADAC and Hella Gutmann, which will accelerate the emergence of new services and uses around vehicle data.”

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Building on 20 years’ experience and 3M+ devices in the field, MUNIC delivers a comprehensive portfolio of OBD Dongles and TCUs, associated with a powerful cloud Platform for vehicle data analytics and services operation. Certified by vehicle manufacturers, insurance provides, and stakeholders across all the automotive industry in America, Europe, Asia, Munic solutions rely on its unique combination of Edge Computing and EKKO Services platform. Munic works with resellers and integrators to create end-to-end solutions for insurance carriers, telecom carriers, vehicle manufacturers and distributors, car rental and leasing companies, service chains and fleet management service providers, tier-1 suppliers and tire manufacturers.

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