Moving Feedback Nearing Completion of City Guide Project

Designed to provide comprehensive and user-friendly moving advice, Moving Feedback’s extensive City Guide Project is almost complete. With these guides, people moving all over the USA will have access to top-tier information about cities and states to make a local or long-distance move as smooth as possible.

NEW YORK, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For over a decade, the Internet’s leading moving advice and services site, Moving Feedback, has been helping people complete commercial and residential moves efficiently and affordably. As part of the company’s commitment to ensuring a hassle-free moving experience, Moving Feedback is happy to announce that its City Guide Project is nearing completion. This project aims to provide even more useful moving assistance by offering detailed city guides covering essential topics such as finding a place to live, cost of living, how to find the best local or long-distance movers, and more.

The City Guide Project is the brainchild of Moving Feedback’s CEO and founder – simply known as Joey. "When we started Moving Feedback, our goal was always to provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly moving advice possible," says Joey. "The City Guide Project is the logical next step in our mission to help as many people as possible have a great moving experience."

Moving Feedback’s experts have completed several guides, and the first batch is expected to go live within the upcoming weeks. The guides will be available for free on and will be updated regularly to ensure they reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the moving process and what to expect when moving to a particular city.

Since its founding, Moving Feedback has helped millions of people successfully relocate, earning a reputation as the go-to source for moving advice and services. Moving Feedback has also been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

The City Guide Project is just the latest way that Moving Feedback is working to make the moving experience as positive as possible for everyone involved. Researched by moving experts at the company, the guides will be an excellent resource for those planning to make a local or long-distance move.

For more information about Moving Feedback or the City Guide Project, or to take advantage of the many free features including moving planning advice and recommendations for top-rated local and long-distance movers, visit the company’s website at

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