mifold joins Safe Kids in Automated Vehicles Alliance (SKAVA)

Booster Seats manufacturer mifold Prioritizes Child Safety in AVs

WASHINGTON, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carfoldio Ltd., the company behind the mifold range of grab-and-go child car booster seats, proudly joins the Safe Kids in Automated Vehicles Alliance (SKAVA), to reduce child injuries in automated vehicles. SKAVA works to ensure child restraint effectiveness in new environments, responsible child supervision in vehicles, and appropriate policies from companies, state governments and regulators.

Jon Sumroy, mifold inventor and CEO explained: "mifold is at the forefront of car seat innovation. With autonomous vehicles, car usage increases and ownership declines making portable solutions more relevant. As safety requirements are changing, many parents need ultra-compact and portable solutions that can go with the child, not stay in the car."

"SKAVA is delighted to welcome mifold to our coalition," said Torine Creppy, SKAVA leader and president of Safe Kids Worldwide. "Through this partnership, we will be better informed, updated and engaged with stakeholders that prioritize the safety of children and families in AVs."

Self-driving cars are already being tested on U.S. roads and will soon be available for commercial and personal use. SKAVA members work to solve the issues that affect the safety of children in AVs:

  • Who is responsible for children riding alone?
  • Can technologies enhance supervision?
  • What restraint best protect children?
  • How should laws evolve to include human and automated drivers?
  • What protection opportunities are available using new technologies?

Sumroy added: "Child passenger safety is our number-one priority. We work with SKAVA to ensure this is not compromised in AVs. Through industry-wide cooperation, AVs can be intentionally designed and regulated for child passengers so families can be more confident in their safety."

About Carfoldio:
Founded in 2013 by Jon Sumroy, father of four, the company launched the mifold grab-and-go booster in 2016. mifold has won dozens of innovation, design and parenting awards including the prestigious NASA Tech Briefs Award and the TIME Best Invention.

Carfoldio has closed investment rounds led by JamJar Investments, Sweet Capital and MidCap Advisors.

For additional information visit www.mifold.com.
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About SKAVA:
Created in 2021, The Safe Kids in Automated Vehicles Alliance (SKAVA) is a group of developers, manufacturers, researchers, educators, and advocates working to ensure that the safety needs of children are actively considered throughout the research, testing, and development of automated vehicles (AVs).

For details about SKAVA, visit https://www.safekids.org/AVs

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