McDurmon Announces Partnership with Dexter Trailer

FENTON, Mich., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — McDurmon Distributing now has a solution to trailer and trailer component supply chain concerns, recently partnering with Dexter Trailer to offer dealers more options to satisfy their consumer base.

One of the industry’s top manufacturers, Dexter offers an array of trailer options for snowmobiles, boats, and other recreational vehicles, along with those specifically tailored for agriculture and industrial applications.

Dexter also specializes in parts and accessories, inventorying a vast selection of trailer axles, brakes, hitches, jacks and suspensions. Tires and wheels are also available.

"There are many suppliers that make trailer products, but none that have everything we need. In the past we’ve had to carry 3 or more different suppliers of trailer products and still didn’t have the full line that we desired," said Troy Muzer, a Product Analyst at McDurmon who has more than 20 years of industry experience.

"Dexter warehouses many of the top trailer brands such as Dexter Axle, Redneck, Fulton, Dutton-Lainson, Curt, Reese and many more. Anything you would need for your boat trailer can be found through Dexter Trailer Supplies."

McDurmon, based in Fenton, Mich., has built a solid foundation with suppliers, allowing it to pass down the cost-effective benefits to its corps of distributors and dealers. Dexter has locations in 21 states, including several in the Midwest – McDurmon’s home region – such as its operations in Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota.

"Price is another benefit for our customers. Costs are reduced to the customer when we are not paying to bring these items in from 3 or 4 different places around the country," Muzer explained. "They are also located close to us and inventory the product, so we can generally get shipments in 1 or 2 days, rather than weeks from other manufacturers. Customers are now getting a better price, a much larger product offering, and receive their orders sooner."

McDurmon, family owned and operated since 1968, takes pride in offering the highest-quality aftermarket options for its valued contingent of dealers. Joining forces with Dexter was an obvious move for the marine wholesaler.

"It really was one of our best decisions, when it came to forming a partnership with Dexter," Muzer said. "Their reputation and quality made it very easy for us to come to an agreement; it’s going to help our dealers and clients save money."

Media contact: Adam Biggers

SOURCE McDurmon Distributing