Many Businesses Unaware of Mileage Tracking Solutions: Cardata’s New Guide Helps Break Down Business Mileage Tracking

BOSTON, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Navigating the complicated and expensive world of vehicle reimbursement programs has become easier with Cardata’s new, informative eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Business Mileage Tracking.

Released on their website today, this eBook breaks down the mileage reimbursement landscape and the commonality that arises from car allowances, fleets, gas cards and manual mileage logging programs — that mileage tracking should not be an afterthought.

Cardata, a vehicle reimbursement solutions company, provides tax-free mileage reimbursement to customers like Coca-Cola Consolidated, Avnet, and Crayola. Its programs save many customers millions of dollars annually in needless tax waste and help cut down on thousands of hours of administrative work.

Inside the guide, Cardata analyzes why mileage apps are not only the more intelligent way to reimburse drivers for business miles, but the easier way as well. Drivers can save over a week of work by using a mileage app vs. logging their miles manually. This creates a positive domino effect for their managers who do not have to approve manual logs, and for payroll teams who do not need to administer individual reimbursements.

Car allowances and fleets are organizational programs in place to solve for reimbursing employees who drive for work; however, these options lead to higher taxes paid by the organization and employees. By moving a team from a stagnant, institutionally-established vehicle reimbursement method to a fluid, outsourced method, taxes are no longer paid needlessly. By eliminating fleets, liability is also then minimized from the company during non-working hours.

Business mileage tracking allows business leaders and decision makers to sleep better at night knowing they have optimized their processes and left the reimbursements to the experts.

The eBook is now available for download at

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Companies with employees on the road choose Cardata. We empower employers to reimburse mileage by offering outsourced administration, mobile mileage capture applications, and a full suite of reimbursement tools to simplify the administrative and financial burdens of vehicle operations. We are the only vehicle reimbursement provider truly invested in supporting drivers, administrators, and executives. Cardata products and services are for all stakeholders. Cardata provides cost-effective and accurate ways to reimburse drivers, with IRS-compliant programs like Fixed and Variable Rate (“FAVR”), Cents per Mile (“CPM”), and Tax-Free Car Allowance (“TFCA”). Visit our website Follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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