Klarisana Expands to Longmont, Bringing Psychedelic Therapies to Northern Colorado Communities

DENVER, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Klarisana, one of the leading providers of ketamine assisted therapy in the country, has opened a new office in the city of Longmont, bringing their total number of clinics in Colorado to four, and total number overall to seven.

In addition to the current corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado, the new office space will serve the northern Colorado region, as Klarisana plans to expand to areas outside of Denver in an effort to service smaller local communities. The expansion comes as the result of rapid growth within the company, as the demand for ketamine assisted therapy rises due to increased awareness of its potential healing properties.

CEO Neil Haznar states, "The demand for ketamine assisted therapy is rising, but access to treatment still remains limited based on where you live and your ability to pay. In addition to expanding our locations, we continue to expand our network of accepted insurances. At a time when mental health is so critical, we believe everyone should have access to novel treatments like psychedelic therapy. If Klarisana is successful in its mission, we hope to see a decrease in the rates of suicide in the communinities served by our clinics."

Klarisana is a veteran-owned business that has been operating since 2015, opening its doors shortly after it was discovered that ketamine was successful at treating PTSD in veterans. Ketamine has become a breakout treatment for mental illness, due to its ability to act rapidly, unlike more traditional medications that take effect over several weeks. When undergoing a ketamine treatment, patients often report feeling like they’re in a hypnotic or dreamlike state, as their everyday barriers come down, and their subconscious self reveals itself. It is during this time that breakthroughs can occur. A patient is able to reframe past trauma and allow new thought patterns to emerge. When used in conjunction with psychotherapy, it has the unique ability to alter our habits and mood.

Client Harleigh B. says of her experience, "I have tried many different kinds of therapy over the years and this one has surprisingly worked when none of the others did. It doesn’t make you feel numb like typical antidepressants do. This type of therapy encourages you to face your problems and deal with them rather than numb your emotions. It gives you a different insight to life that you wouldn’t get from drugs the doctors have been prescribing previously for the last few decades."

Klarisana is also expanding their role as a research center as the company is committed to becoming a leader in the psychedelic therapy field. Klarisana recently released their second peer-reviewed research study, published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health. The study which focused on Medicaid patients with Major Depressive Disorder found that 98% of patients saw an average of 50% improvement in depression, anxiety, and PTSD in less than a month of treatment at Klarisana.

As the only ketamine clinic in Colorado to accept insurance, Klarisana continues to set a standard where mental healthcare can be both affordable and accessible.

To read more about Klarisana’s professional mental health services- please visit www.klarisana.com

Klarisana Psychedelic Therapies

Dr. Carl Bonnett, a retired 20 year member of the Army National Guard, founded mission-driven Klarisana in 2015 after becoming aware of the alarming suicide rates among United States veterans.  A purpose-driven organization, the core belief of founder Dr. Carl Bonnett is that a ketamine journey can help a person reframe their trauma and build back a happier, more satisfying life. Today, Klarisana treats a number of mental health disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

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