Jackson Ukuevo of Ronchess Global Resources Ltd on the Role of New Technologies in Improving Traffic Safety

NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As a business leader with over a decade of experience in road infrastructure, Jackson Ukuevo needs no convincing that safety should be the highest priority in the transportation sector. While applying innovative technologies and materials in construction and infrastructure development is critical for preserving the environmental balance, it is no less important to ensure that technological progress is harnessed to maximize traffic safety, according to the Nigerian entrepreneur, who is the founder and managing director of Ronchess Global Resources Limited. He notes, “From road surfaces to vehicle upgrades and signaling systems, new technologies are helping to build a global transportation ecosystem that is efficient, eco-friendly, inclusive, and, above all, safe. Such efforts have been dramatically bolstered by the digital revolution of the past two decades, with smart solutions creating unprecedented opportunities to tackle major industry issues. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and mobile applications have become game-changers alongside innovative developments in vehicles and road construction.”

In discussions about the future of transportations, the subject of autonomous driving seems to dominate the discourse, overshadowing innovative concepts that are already delivering remarkable improvements in traffic safety. Jackson Ukuevo says, “In-vehicle automated systems are making the roads safer, while cloud-based platforms and mobile apps are enabling efficient use of urban transport infrastructures through personalized and on-demand mobility services. New technologies are also transforming systems that have seen little change in a century, a prime example being traffic lights. With the advent of AI-based solutions, road safety is getting a major boost as signaling and traffic management systems become capable of collecting information, analyzing it in real time, and making decisions that optimize the use of existing infrastructure and streamline the traffic flow. Not only does innovation save lives and support global movement, but it also promotes business growth, as established in a study by IRU, a non-profit organization representing over 3.5 million mobility and logistics companies from 100+ countries.”

The greatest promise of new technologies for improving traffic safety lies in their ability to connect automobiles through cloud-based platforms and to establish a link between vehicles and infrastructure, according to Jackson Ukuevo. The former is known as telematics, a term denoting the use of wireless devices to collect and transmit a wide range of data, including vehicle use, location, speed, and maintenance requirements. This information can improve the accuracy and efficiency of smart lighting systems and traffic controls, resulting in optimal flows and enhanced safety. A step further is the creation of a network where all vehicles and existing infrastructures interact and share information, which will take safety and efficiency to the next level while also mitigating the environmental impact of road transport.

Jackson Ukuevo is the founder of Ronchess Global Resources Limited – a leading provider of traffic solution, construction, and procurement services in Nigeria – currently building and constructing seven major roads and two major bridges in Kaduna state. He has served as managing director of the Lagos-based company since its launch in 2008, employing a leadership style that prioritizes inspiration and motivation. Through his passion and commitment to the highest industry standards, Jackson Ukuevo has succeeded in growing Ronchess Global Resources Limited into an organization with more than 350 employees and multi-million-dollar annual revenues.

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