Greenlight Commercial Funding Supports The Meta Equity Group Inc’s $10 Million Series A Preferred Equity Offering

ATLANTA, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Greenlight Commercial Funding, a prominent commercial finance firm, has played a pivotal role in assisting The Meta Equity Group Inc to secure $10 million through a Series A Preferred Equity Offering. The funding will be utilized to facilitate the expansion of The Meta Equity Group’s transportation business into new regions, particularly the mid-west and Savannah, GA, thereby establishing a national presence in ground transportation.

Transportation Group’s Strategic Expansion:

An Atlanta-based transportation group, The Meta Equity Group Inc, has successfully acquired a Las Vegas-based transportation company as part of its strategic expansion plan. The acquisition was valued at $10 million and marked Meta Equity’s first asset-based acquisition in the United States. The expansion efforts include entry into the West coast transportation market, encompassing key cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. CEO Jarvis Woods said in a statement.

“The surplus of the Las Vegas fleet will bring business opportunity highly synergistic to the Savannah importing community and existing network, immediately adding value to new customer relationships,” Mr. Woods said.

Utilizing Acquired Assets for Growth:

The acquired multi-fleet transport company in Las Vegas will play a significant role in Meta Equity’s growth strategy. The surplus fleet will be strategically employed to enhance transportation operations in the Savannah ports transportation district. This move is expected to bring about synergistic benefits to the Savannah importing community and further strengthen existing network relationships.

Greenlight Commercial Funding:

Greenlight Commercial Funding is recognized as a dedicated and resourceful commercial finance firm. The company focuses on serving capital borrowers by offering a diverse range of debt and equity financing options for income-producing projects. With a reputation for facilitating property investment opportunities, Greenlight Commercial Funding has positioned itself as a preferred choice among clients.

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Following the certification of investment funds by CPA, documentation will be filed with relevant state and federal regulatory entities to formalize the preferred equity investment agreement between The Meta Group and Greenlight Commercial Funding.

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