Globelink Selects RPA Labs to Automate Document Processes

LOUISVILLE, Colo., March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Globelink selected RPA Labs to automate document processing that will reduce manual work and enhance customer experience. With every shipment that needs to be processed, Globelink’s customer service team was tasked to manually split, extract, and index data from the attached documents into their ERP system. Processing thousands of shipments every month manually was very time-consuming and error-prone, leading Globelink to search for a more efficient and scalable solution.

Globelink’s motto, "In Unity, We Link the Globe," has been achieved by delivering reliability, efficiency, flexibility and best value added services to their customers. Adding a layer of automation to their document processes was seen as yet another way to enhance the overall customer experience.

"With our continued growth and expansive network of more than 100 offices in 32 countries, implementing automation for some of our biggest challenges became a focal point," said Daniel Tok, CEO of Globelink. "With hundreds of thousands of documents coming in and out of our system every year, we knew that’s where we needed to focus our attention."

Data entry errors in supply chain and other areas cost businesses over $600 billion each year according to The Data Warehouse Institute. Eliminating even a fraction of manual work in everyday operations will see a direct ROI.

"Manual document processing sees a staggering error rate of five percent or higher," said Tejaswini Manjunath, Integration Manager at RPA Labs. "Automating these processes ensures a drastic reduction in errors, and these hidden savings add up."

Globelink implemented RPA Flow to automatically split, extract, and index documents into their system. When a shipment is submitted, it typically arrives in the form of a PDF that contains a master bill of lading (MBL), house bill of lading (HBL), carrier invoices, and debit and credit notes. RPA Flow instantly splits the PDF into its corresponding document type, extracts the content, and updates the required fields into Globelink’s ERP system. The entire process is done without human intervention, removing the need for manual processing and increasing accuracy of the data input.

"We’re excited to see how RPA Flow not only improves our business operations, but enhances our customer experience," said Tok. "In today’s digital world, it’s no longer an option to not have some level of automation in place."

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