Global Graphene Group Recognized as No. 1 Battery Start-Up for Silicon Anode used in Lithium-ion Batteries

DAYTON, Ohio, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Graphene Group (G3), a Dayton, Ohio-based materials science company, is recognized as the global leader among Start-Ups in the patent landscape of silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries,

Silicon Anode for Li-ion Batteries – Patent Landscape 2022 – FLYER ( 

The Knowmade report lists G3 ranked at No. 1 in the USA in terms of Si anode patent portfolio. Among US-based companies, G3 is No. 1 (with 131 patent families in the Si anode), followed by GM (90), Enevate (77), and Amprius (71). G3 is ranked No. 9 in the entire battery industry, after 8 major Li-ion battery cell producers. However, G3 is No. 1 among all global battery start-ups.

G3 plans to capitalize on the explosive growth in EV battery development and is expanding production of its silicon-based anode materials.

G3‘s expansion supports the industry’s need for better battery solutions. G3‘s focus on silicon anodes will drive significant improvements in lithium-ion batteries. Industry-leading EV OEMs believe that silicon anode is needed to drive EV battery technology that will lower cost and provide higher energy density, extending the EV driving range by 20-40%. G3‘s innovative Si anode can deliver this and more today as a drop-in battery component solution. Furthermore, G3‘s entire suite of battery-enabling technology can deliver driving range improvements of 50-100% and at significant cost savings.

G3 has developed the anode materials that precisely meet battery requirements for next-generation EV batteries as outlined by the industry. G3 is actively seeking to establish partnerships for expanding manufacturing capacity of its advanced anode materials.

"G3‘s Si-anode technology meets the cost and performance criteria for EV application," said Dr. Bor Jang, G3 CEO and co-founder. "G3‘s Si-anode solutions will be a key enabler for next-generation EV batteries. Our team is excited that the EV industry is focused on the same critical path as we see as foundational, using Si-anode to significantly improve EV batteries."

"Electric vehicles will continue to grow global market share over the next decade," said Dr. Aruna Zhamu, G3 co-founder and CTO. "Our EV battery technology, including Si-anode, are very attractive to EV manufacturers. It’s a drop-in solution that can easily be incorporated into existing manufacturing processes. We are engaged with many top-tier OEMs who are now validating our solutions."

The most commonly used anode material for lithium-ion batteries today is graphite. However, graphite can only store lithium up to 372 mAh/g during a battery charge. In contrast, Si can store lithium up to an amount of 4200 mAh/g), significantly increasing energy density.

About Global Graphene Group

Global Graphene Group, Inc. (G3) is a leading material science and product solutions company focused on graphene and advanced battery technologies. It has an award-winning, best-in-class intellectual property portfolio with more than 740 patents and applications. In addition, G3 holds many of the world’s firsts in graphene-related breakthroughs that have resulted in cutting edge products. G3, headquartered in Dayton, is focused on commercializing next generation lithium ion battery electrodes, battery performance solutions enhanced with graphene, quasi-solid and solid-state electrolytes, and improved lithium metal battery reliability performance. It produces graphene-wrapped or elastomer-encapsulated nano silicon particles to improve anode stability, prelithiation to reduce capacity loss, significant reduction in cost of goods, and has the world’s first high-capacity silicon anode production line in the US.

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