GiraffeG4 Sentinel Systems Expands Its Coverage Territory

IRVINGTON, N.Y., March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The GiraffeG4 Sentinel Systems has expanded the area it provides “low clearance” collision mitigation from the Northeast Corridor to the entire lower 48 States.

The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System App is the only heavy-duty truck and RV safety product that will alert distracted, tired. and lost drivers with an audible alarm, plus a height sign, 100/200 yards before they reach the “low clearance” hazard they will hit.

Whether your trucks use a fleet telematics system, or drivers are using non-commercial or commercial navigation apps the Sentinel System App follows underneath whatever route the driver is taking, When the GiraffeG4 Sentinel Systems database detects a “low clearance” hazard ahead, it sounds the alarm and warns the driver to follow another route.

GiraffeG4 Sentinel Systems is currently discussing options with several Fleet Telematics Systems. Frank Nugent, CEO of GiraffeG4 said, “Drivers are going to like the help the Sentinel System gives, it looks out for them.”

This alert with the audible alarm is the key to the protection the Sentinel System provides your driver and your equipment. It adds no additional driver distraction. The driver doesn’t need to watch a screen or pre plan the route. Just download the height of the vehicle they are driving that day and they are ready to go.

Stay Off Parkways in The Northeast. Big $$$ Fines.      

Parkways in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts are “Commercial Vehicles Prohibited”. Heavy duty trucks mistakenly find themselves on these Parkways and are subject to heavy fines and exorbitant towing fees because the overpasses are extremely low.

The Sentinel App has the same audible warning at every entrance to these Parkways, warning an out-of-town driver to stay off this road.

The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System has over 1000 “low clearance” hazards and Parkway entrances in the lower 48 States covered in its database.

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