GeoSpace Labs Releases New AI DASHCAM & Other GPS Tracking Tools

LAKELAND, Fla., Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GeoSpace Labs, the leader in commercial transportation safety technology, announced today the launch of its new AI Dashcam, powered by the leading-edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms that instantly detect unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy and alert drivers in real time. The AI Dashcam is supported by an enhanced safety platform that transforms the way fleets manage driver safety. GeoSpace’s event intelligence technology analyzes every video within seconds to determine the context and severity, so safety managers can focus on what matters most. Fleets now have the power to prevent accidents and structurally reduce risk.

Distracted driving is responsible for 87% of preventable crashes every year. With insurance costs at an all-time high and road crashes predicted to be a leading cause of death over the next decade, operating a safe fleet has never been more critical to the health and success of the businesses that power the physical economy.

With the GeoSpace AI Dashcam, automatic video review and driver scorecard reporting, fleets can reduce accidents by up to 30%.

AI Dashcam precision is key to accident prevention. Key features of the AI Dashcam include industrial-grade reliability, crystal-clear HD video resolution and a wide field of view for more coverage; up to 104 hours of camera storage; and a built-in Quick Capture feature button to instantly initiate an automatic video upload to safety departments.

“What we’re doing here at GeoSpace,” said Mark Rupert, GeoSpace Labs President, “is bringing professional grade technology to the smaller fleets and independent operators who would otherwise struggle to be able to afford these cutting-edge tools. We simply don’t believe that cost should be a barrier on American roads to safety.”

The GeoSpace Labs advanced AI dashcam and GPS tracking systems products are available exclusively at:

The GeoSpace safety tracking systems are very affordable, ranging in price from a free tier to a few hundred dollars per video camera.

GeoSpace Labs provides professional Hours of Service Systems covering AOBRD, ELD, IFTA, and DVIR with 49 CFR 395, 396 automation, and includes deep and unique handling of different exemptions offered by the FMCSA, including unassigned driving, 16 Hour Short-Haul Exception 395.1(o), Agriculture Exemption 395.1(k), 100 Air Mile Short-Haul Exemption 395.1(e)(1), and Vehicles used in oil and gas field operations 395.1(d)(2).

For more information please visit the GeoSpace Labs website at or call 877.443.6949.

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