Flux Mopeds Launches the Street Pilot Program to Promote Sustainable Short Distance Travel

MADISON, Wis., March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Flux Mopeds is pleased to announce the launch of the Flux EM1 Street Pilot Program, another step towards making small electric vehicle transport more accessible to communities throughout the United States. The Street Pilot Program is a premiere referral program meant to build a network of like-minded individuals who want easy-to-use, sustainable transportation in their local neighborhood. Read the company’s latest blog post which details how Flux Mopeds determined that promoting the value of short distance transportation needs to come from within local communities here: https://www.fluxmopeds.com/standpoint/2021/3/1/why-we-developed-the-flux-em1-to-be-your-local-ride

Flux Mopeds produces small electric vehicles for short distance transportation. The Flux EM1 is the brands flagship product, an electric moped designed to be Your Local Ride™. Its benefits include:

  • Easy to ride, park and haul
  • Low-maintenance and compact
  • Fun performance
  • Simplifies local short distance travel

After a lifetime of driving SUVs, Flux Mopeds co-founder and CEO Matt Brueggeman discovered the benefits of small electric vehicles while traveling abroad. He and his co-founders launched Flux Mopeds to provide people in the United States with an alternative transportation option.

We believe that it doesn’t make sense to drive a 4,000-pound vehicle a mile to get a quart of milk. There is a better way. After 12 years of development, we’ve produced a reliable small electric vehicle that promotes independent, sustainable communities. The Flux EM1 offers the perfect balance of range, charge time, and speed for short distance transportation. To reach local audiences, we need to think locally. Thats why we want to find like-minded individuals in neighborhoods nationwide who share our passion for a more sustainable and convenient society – and want to share that passion with their friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.”

The Street Pilot Program marks a new milestone towards raising awareness about the advantages of Your Local Ride™ and making the Flux EM1 more accessible for all Americans. Individuals who join the referral program get $100 for each successful sales referral they make. Street Pilots work with Flux Mopeds to develop grassroots marketing efforts in their local communities. Flux Mopeds is targeting a diversity of locations across the country and seeking Street Pilots nationwide.

About Flux Mopeds
Flux Mopeds officially launched in 2014 with the goal of making short distance transportation in local communities more convenient and sustainable. The result is the Flux EM1, an electric moped that tops out at 38 mph and gets up to 50 miles per charge. The Flux EM1 is the ideal solution for Your Local Ride™. Flux Mopeds manufactures each product to order, which allows the company to retain its competitive pricing and independence. The company caters to clients across the United States, with a flagship dealership located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Contact:  Matt Brueggeman
Phone: 608-620-3589
Website: www.fluxmopeds.com 

SOURCE Flux Mopeds