Fintech Company Focuses Its’ Sights on the Moving Industry

‘MoveIt’ by Sky Systemz provides next generation payment, business software, banking, and now chargeback protection to the transportation industry!

LEXINGTON, Ky., Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sky Systemz, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company focused on digital payment and business management solutions, is setting its sights on the transportation industry with a specialization for moving companies.

Sky’s platform was developed to be an omni-vertical platform applicable for any business. However, over the last six months the company has noticed significant growth in their transportation verticals, specifically moving companies. Sky has acquired the business of national powerhouse moving companies such as Wildcat Moving (KY), Cardinal Moving (KY), Lobos Moving (NM), Wolfpack Moving (NV), Eagle Eye Movers (FL), and Top Dawg Movers (GA).

Through a close collaboration with these partner companies, Sky has developed a software bundle packed with tons of new features aimed at optimizing moving businesses. MoveIt by Sky is purpose built for the moving industry, but its new features are applicable to other business verticals.

"In our conversations with our moving partners, we quickly learned some of the challenges facing the moving industry," said CEO Brian Nichols. "Moving companies commonly fall victim to fraudulent chargebacks. Many of our new features such as digital contracts, and custom disclosures have been created on top of operating and management features to close the common loopholes criminals use to exploit businesses of their labor."

Sky’s new ‘Chargeback Protection Suite‘ is the cornerstone of the ‘MoveIt’ bundle. Digital contracts, custom disclosures, and digital signatures are the three newest features developed by the company to provide protections to all of their merchants; paired with a customer management system, digital receipts, the ability to import photos of the clients’ license, and any other document in a cloud environment – Sky is taking chargeback protection seriously!

"Our research has found that chargebacks are one of the costliest problems facing businesses today," said CEO Brian Nichols. "We estimate that chargeback losses (that lack validity) are a $225 billion problem in the U.S. each year. While Mastercard (MA) and Visa (V) have programs to appeal chargeback attempts and companies like Stripe have tech to identify fraud post transaction, there is no service that reduces chargeback claims in a meaningful manner, or helps merchants win if there is a claim. Sky is tackling these issues with a complete operating platform that also reduces claims by 500% and wins 120% more chargeback cases vs the industry average."

In the professional service industry, the average transaction size is $585. Most businesses will encounter fifteen chargebacks on an annual basis. We estimate merchants will lose twelve out of fifteen of those claims. The costs can be over $10,000 by the time you factor in lost wages, lost productivity, and any legal action.

Statistics also show that 81% of all reported chargebacks have no validity. By utilizing Sky’s Chargeback Protection Suite, your business can nearly eliminate the threat of fraudulent chargebacks. Sky Systemz is the only platform purpose-built to protect businesses from fraudulent chargebacks. The only way to successfully accomplish this goal is to implement procedures and protocols within software throughout the operation, management, and purchase cycle. MoveIt by Sky is now available to moving companies and the transportation sector. Learn more about Sky Systemz at

Sky Systemz is a cloud-based digital payments and financial technology company. With no contracts, no monthly fees, and low rates, Sky is a partner to businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits.

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