EZ STAK Introduces EZ Folding Shelf for Delivery Vehicles

WATERTOWN, N.Y., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EZ STAK today introduced an all-new folding shelving unit, bringing a rugged design, a lifetime warranty, and easy installation to a booming delivery industry.  

Built with the heavy-duty aluminum and steel materials EZ STAK is known for, the new two-shelf unit is available in 20 different sizes for medium- and high-roof Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster vans. Each unit comes in four widths (48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches) and three depths (16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches).   

The two shelves can easily handle a total of 250 pounds and come equipped with slow-fold gas springs, hemmed edges, and yellow corner guards, making the unit not just durable but safe for busy delivery personnel.

“It’s no secret that last-mile delivery companies are busier than they ever have been, and we know these shelves are really going to make drivers’ lives easier and safer,” says Calvin Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s business development coordinator. “We also know that because the industry is booming at such an astonishing rate, companies need interior solutions available quickly — and we can do that.”   

Earlier this year, EZ STAK trialed and tested the product with a large delivery company, and the feedback from drivers was very positive.

“Drivers said the shelves work great for large and small boxes and that it’s great to have the room between the shelves for them to move,” said the company’s operations manager. “They also said the shelves fold very well and fit very well inside the van.”

EZ STAK’s engineers put about six months of work into the shelving unit, making sure the final product could easily withstand daily operations.

“Plus, because it comes unassembled, we also put a lot of thought into making it quick to put together and simple to install using existing mounting holes in the vehicles’ walls,” says Keith Omamalin, an EZ STAK automotive engineer. “We’re really proud of it.”

EZ STAK is so proud of it, in fact, that they’re putting a lifetime warranty behind it. Available with most of the company’s offerings, the lifetime warranty ensures that if the shelving unit ever becomes defective due to materials, workmanship, or manufacturing, EZ STAK will repair it, replace it, or provide replacement parts.   


Founded in 1998, EZ STAK is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular interior storage solutions for work trucks, service bodies, vans, and trailers. The company specializes in working one-on-one with clients to design and deliver configurable mobile workspaces that meet each of their needs down to every inch and dollar. 

For more information or a quote, please visit our website (https://ezstak.com/ez-folding-shelf/) or call Calvin Lawrenson at 315-595-3300, ext. 214, or email him at

Media Contact:
Ashlie Perkins