EPIC Worldwide Announces KWIK ZIP Cure to Transform Trailers in 60 Minutes

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EPIC Worldwide, the country’s leading graphic and fleet advertising company, has revealed their KWIK ZIP Graphic System (KWIK ZIP), designed to completely transform white trailers while giving new life to older, used units. The ongoing graphic change-outs prove to be much more economical than decals are.  KWIK ZIP costs less than half of what decals cost, the process is seamless and is completed in under an hour.

When installed on new trailers, the KWIK ZIP’s robust graphics protect the trailer sides from damage, resulting in higher resale values at replacement time (the trailer sides still look like new years later). Additionally, the frames and graphics can be transferred to the replacement trailer, saving even more money.  The KWIK ZIP also eliminates weather as a factor as it can be installed in virtually any temperature, which is not possible with decals. Weather routinely interferes with decal installation schedules (temps must be between 55 degrees and 80 degrees or no go).  This extends installation schedules and keeps trailers out of service longer.  KWIK ZIP gets whole fleets back on the road quickly and outlasts decals while providing a much more aesthetic appearance.  

"Being able to transform boring white trailers and trailers with tired graphics into magazine pages on wheels provides an innovative utility to new and aging fleets.  It also provides a solution for fleet owners who desire a more cost effective and time-efficient process allowing them to take full advantage of their powerful and valuable fleet branding, marketing and advertising.  With the system, there is very little to no downtime to transform an entire fleet, while saving the fleet owner extensive money and getting the trailers back on the road to deliver product quickly," said Shelley Smith, President/CEO of EPIC Worldwide.                               

While achieving widespread acceptance among clients, KWIK ZIP is making a substantial mark in the industry. Robert Sims, Corp. Director of Operations at Craig Stein Beverage stated: "I have not purchased an applied decal graphic for any semi-trailer or box truck since beginning to use EPIC’s KWIK ZIP. Why would you?  You can change the graphics in an hour if you want, or you can switch graphics back and forth for special marketing programs. The initial KWIK ZIP purchase costs less than decals, but that is just the beginning of huge savings down the road."

This revolutionary technology is available through the EPIC Worldwide website www.epicworldwide.com. To learn more about the product or to place an order, call 702-614-1000 or email

About EPIC Worldwide
EPIC Worldwide is a WBENC, certified woman-owned business with over two decades of experience in the fleet graphic industry and is the country’s leading fleet advertising company.  

EPIC Worldwide is a registered trademark of EPIC Worldwide, LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. EPIC Worldwide is an approved G7 printer. For more information, call 702-614-1000 or email

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