Elgin CDJR Closes Additional $226k in New Deals Using Konect.ai, Increasing the Store’s Close Ratio to 24 Percent

HOUSTON, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Konect.ai, a leading provider of SMS-based solutions, worked with Elgin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR), a dealership serving the Elgin and Streamwood, Illinois communities, to grow their lead automation and close 26 deals in a little over a month’s time. 

“We wanted to get leads as quickly as possible. As soon as they were generated, I wanted to capitalize while they were “hot,” said Zach Fares, Sales Manager, Subprime & Leasing of Elgin CDJR. “Konect.ai was the only company that was able to do that for us. That was a big deal.” Elgin Chrysler’s average gross profit is $8,700 per deal. After closing 26 deals in less than two months, that profit was $226,000. “It was well worth the $5,000 investment,” Fares explains.

Elgin Chrysler’s contact ratio rose to 50 percent, a number that Fares was pleasantly surprised by. “Normally, you don’t get a response like that when it comes to leads,” Fares says. “Currently, we have a 24 percent closing ratio on the leads sold to receive connection ratio using the objection handling that we built. That’s also pretty remarkable.” 

It has long been Elgin Chrysler’s motto that they are not in the car business, they are in the business of providing extraordinary, personalized customer service to their community. Their experience with Konect.ai has allowed the store to continue to exceed expectations as one of the most respected dealerships in their area. “With any lead program, you get back what you put into it,” Fares says. “The results we’ve had with Konect.ai are undeniable. We will definitely work with them again. It’s a no-brainer.” 

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