Easier Media Tagging from Rapid Recon Delivers Faster Repair Approvals

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid Recon announced its latest Media Gallery upgrade. Media Gallery is part of Rapid Recon’s product features to help automobile dealers maximize used car sales and profitability by improving the speed-to-sale of their used car inventory.

Rapid Recon reconditioning software with Media Gallery using Tagging Media enhances Work Items and Approvals in two primary ways for auto dealership reconditioning departments:

  • It simplifies how easy and convenient it is for technicians and detailers to post and review Work Item details with before and after photos, videos and PDFs, and append special instructions or purchase item details.

  • It saves repair approvers or the used car manager time to find VIN- and Work Item- specific images or documents needed to approve a repair or answer a question.

For instance, technicians can upload video and PDFs to Media Gallery to a manager at the sales tower desking deals. The sales manager now can see and or hear from a tagged video how bad a leak is in the vehicle so that she can make an informed approval decision on the go.

Media Gallery enhanced by Work Item Tagging creates a more prosperous content library for PDF documents, vehicle images, and vehicle repair photos and videos.

Work Items are tasks or assignments that are used in conjunction with steps within the Rapid Recon vehicle reconditioning software. Steps organize reconditioning activities for users, so their reconditioning workflow moves more orderly to speed cars’ travel through reconditioning. Work Items make visible to users and managers what activities or repairs have been approved or not, with documentation, so vehicles don’t languish but instead move to sale-ready status in three to five days.

This upgrade to Media Gallery is additionally enhanced through Rapid Recon’s incorporation of the  Digital Vehicle Portfolio powered by iPacket.® The Portfolio, which becomes part of a participating dealer’s website Vehicle Display Pages, educates shoppers about the exceptional recon process the dealer uses to build integrity, value and trust in the used car they’re considering.

Rapid Recon is the #1 best-selling reconditioning software, enabling automobile dealerships to maximize used car sales and profitability by improving the speed-to-sale of their used car inventory. www.rapidrecon.com.

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Jim Leman


SOURCE Rapid Recon

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