DisplayRide Introduces Driver Distraction Alert to Help Gig Workers Drive Safer

Driver distraction is a major cause of road accidents and this feature, offered on the Rideshare Monitoring Platform, leverages Artificial Intelligence to identify and alert a driver when possibly distracted. 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DisplayRide Inc., an innovator focused on enhancing the rideshare and gig experience, is introducing the Driver Distraction Alert on its Rideshare Monitoring Platform (RMP). This feature will help gig workers to stay focused on the road by alerting them immediately if any signs of distraction are detected. 

The Driver Distraction Alert employs sophisticated machine learning to identify when a driver appears distracted from focusing on the road ahead due to any reason, whether drowsiness, looking/talking on their phone, interacting with customers etc. Once a distraction is detected, the RMP system will immediately alert the driver to focus; it can also send an alert remotely (e.g., to a fleet owner) if the driver opts in or gives permission. This alert system is designed to intervene as quickly as possible and mitigate potential accidents. Distracted driving is a leading cause for road accidents according to the Transportation Safety Center at the CDC.

“Gig workers put in long driving hours in a typical shift and safe driving is critical. The Driver Distraction Alert feature on the DisplayRide Rideshare Monitoring Platform will be invaluable in ensuring safe driving by gig workers,” said Harry Campbell ‘The Rideshare Guy.’ “It adds to several other safety features already available on the RMP, cementing its reputation as the most comprehensive & effective safety solution in the Gig world,” he added. 

The Rideshare Monitoring Platform is the world’s first purpose-built safety solution for the gig economy, with numerous features aimed at deterring/preventing safety incidents, monitoring every ride and intervening & potentially mitigating safety issues. 

The RMP is actively being used by rideshare drivers across the country and offers a comprehensive safety solution that can be setup in less than a minute, and requires no additional action by the driver nor requires downloading any Apps. It is offered as a subscription service without any down payment, making it also economically very attractive. 

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