Dealer Alchemist Delivers Data Transparency and Eliminates Wasted Ad Spend for Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships

LONE TREE, Colo., Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dealer Alchemist, the digital advertising operating system for the dealer community, recently announced the Nyle Maxwell family of dealerships have eliminated unnecessary spending, gained transparency into advertising budgets, and increased efficiency with integrated messaging, after employing the high-performing digital marketing platform. 

“One immediate change we noticed with Dealer Alchemist was that we were able to spend less in 30 days than with our previous provider, and we saw very clearly where our traffic was coming from,” said Thomas Eggers, Platform Digital Director of Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships. “What we had to pay for before we are now getting organically and direct, so our ad spend is more specific to our exact inventory versus just vague terms.”

The Dealer Alchemist strategy is built around making digital marketing investments work for dealers by creating custom approaches that consider inventory, audience, and Google Analytics data. They help dealers spend money where their audience is spending time and prioritize the products they have in stock and in transit to increase conversions and move vehicles faster.

One of the biggest reasons Nyle Maxwell partnered with Dealer Alchemist is their strong reputation in the field, which is no accident according to Dealer Alchemist Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Gener. “Our customer retention rate is over 90 percent because we know how to eliminate unnecessary spending, maximize SEO, and get conversions. All backed by our steadfast commitment to transparency with our clients.”

Brent Rayfield, a General Manager at Nyle Maxwell, said, “The biggest thing we saw right away with Dealer Alchemist was trackable results. I’m a big report guy and the data is there any time and they walk you through everything they’re doing. They are efficient in our spend, efficient in our budget, and are all around a very efficient company.”

Beyond their proven strategic approach and data transparency, what sets Dealer Alchemist apart is their team of digital experts and exceptional customer support. As Eggers said, “One of the standout things I experience with Dealer Alchemist is access. I have access to their entire team so when I ask difficult questions, I have a team of people with years of experience that can get me an answer.”

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 About Dealer Alchemist:

Dealer Alchemist is a digital marketing agency with over seven decades of combined auto retailing and marketing experience. At Dealer Alchemist, our core values cultivate customer retention while our smart technology powers our purpose. From initiation to implementation, we prioritize our client’s mission to increase sales conversion and bridge trust through transparency. We understand, through our dealership experience, the importance of articulated measure and the value of every allocated spend.

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