ChannelEngine Launches Amazon Vendor Integration to Support Hybrid Selling Strategies

Leading ecommerce marketplace now supports automated processes for syncing product data updates, managing a centralized catalog, and enabling 1P and 3P selling on Amazon Marketplace

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ChannelEngine, a leading ecommerce marketplace integrator, today announced its integration with Amazon Vendor Central in its continued effort to support the growing number of hybrid sellers on Amazon. This is especially significant considering sales by Amazon (also known as first-party sales or 1P) reached $220 billion in 2023. With this integration, ChannelEngine can seamlessly help sellers streamline Amazon Vendor Central operations.

“In the past year, Amazon sellers that are adopting a hybrid selling model have grown from 53% to 74% of sellers, allowing brands to get the best of both worlds and diversify their risk,” Jorrit Steinz, CEO of ChannelEngine. “Most of our competitors are focused on inventory, order, and fulfillment features. Our ability to integrate back-end systems through ChannelEngine with Vendor Central decreases the time spent on manually updating content in Amazon Vendor. The integration also lessens the time and resources it takes to create complicated templates in PIM systems allowing us to help sellers optimize stock, increase listing speed, control and improve overall visibility of seller’s listings.”

With the direct integration between ChannelEngine and Vendor Central, it’s now possible to manage product content and other relevant information from an intuitive platform. Any changes are automatically synced with Vendor Central and reflected in the catalog, providing several benefits for vendors, including:

  • Centralized Catalog Management: Streamline product content through a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring updates automatically sync with Vendor Central for optimized listings.

  • Time & Resource Efficiency: Leverage smart mapping. Automate manual tasks and integrate PIM and ERP systems to reduce workload and free up valuable resources.

  • Accurate Brand Representation: Full control over content. Customize product attributes for accurate branding on Amazon’s Product Display Page, maintaining integrity across Amazon.

  • Insights on Listings and Errors: Receive immediate feedback on publishing success and guidance on resolving any issues that arise.

Later this year, ChannelEngine plans to extend the Amazon Vendor integration with support for retail procurement. This enhancement will facilitate the direct management and processing of purchase orders from Amazon, further improving customers’ operational efficiency.

Next Thursday, March 7th, Amazon Vendor experts, Katharina Lurz, Head of Brand Experience from DEPT and Niels Floors, VP Strategic Partnerships, ChannelEngine, will share tips for brands to optimize their presence on Vendor Central in an upcoming webinar, Navigating Amazon Vendor at Scale. You can register for the webinar here: Navigating Amazon Vendor at Scale.

About ChannelEngine:
ChannelEngine’s story began in 2013 when we saw an opportunity to connect ecommerce businesses with global marketplaces. We built the most complete marketplace integrator and now we facilitate the sale of over 11 million products at any given moment on 700+ online sales channels. By integrating with your backend systems, ChannelEngine facilitates optimal selling, reduces complexity, provides detailed analytics, and seamlessly integrates into existing systems. Enjoy higher profitability, reduced manual work, and faster time to market, reaching millions of customers globally.

ChannelEngine is headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands, and has offices in New York, Munich, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, and Toronto. Our clients include Sonos, Jockey, Chicco, Brabantia, Safavieh, McGregor, and many others.

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