BizzyCar Unveils Inaugural Recall Report: Q1 2024 Highlights Surge in Vehicle Recalls with More than 9 Million Recalls Issued

ST. PETERS, Mo., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BizzyCar, a leading loyalty solution that exponentially increases service revenue by automating recalls, today launched their inaugural quarterly recall report revealing more than nine million vehicles were affected by recalls in the first quarter of 2024 and detailing the most recalls by manufacturer brand.

Tesla Inc. topped the list with over 2.4 million vehicles affected, primarily due to electrical system issues. Other prominent manufacturers such as Ford and Chrysler also reported significant numbers, reflecting broad challenges within the industry.

The recall data reveals a volatile trend in the automotive industry, with a noticeable uptick in the number of vehicles affected by recalls. This underscores persistent challenges in maintaining automotive safety and quality assurance.

In Q1 2024, the United States saw a sharp rise in vehicle recalls, according to analysis by BizzyCar using data from the NHTSA and USDOT. A total of 105 recalls affected 9,697,120 vehicles, highlighting significant concerns for both driver safety and consumer protection. This surge underscores the magnitude of the issue and emphasizes the potential safety risks for millions of American vehicle owners.

“More than 100,000 vehicles are recalled a day in this country, with OEMs required by law to replace 100% of them. As a dealer myself I realized if I could find and schedule even a fraction of those recalls, not only would my profits increase exponentially, but because customers had to visit my dealership for the repair, my loyalty numbers would skyrocket,” said BizzyCar Founder Ryan Maher. “I initially looked for a solution in the market to help me find and bring in these profitable recall jobs and when I couldn’t find one, I built BizzyCar to solve my own pain point.”

BizzyCar’s Recall Report will be released quarterly, covering recalls by manufacturer, vehicles most affected, safety & compliance, critical component features, noteworthy recent recalls, historical context, and safety advisories.

The insights provided by BizzyCar’s Recall Report are crucial for both auto dealers and consumers. For dealers, this data underscores the opportunity to enhance service revenue and customer loyalty by effectively managing recall campaigns. By leveraging BizzyCar’s robust recall resolution platform, dealers can identify and address recalls promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Additionally, for consumers, this report serves as a vital resource for staying informed about potential safety risks associated with their vehicles. By heeding recall notices and scheduling necessary services, consumers can prioritize their safety on the road.

You can read the full Q1 2024 Recall Report here.

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