Baxter Performance is Expanding to Increase Sales Opportunities for Dealers and Garages

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash., Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Baxter Performance, the exclusive manufacturer of Cartridge to Spin-On Oil Filter Adapters, is making their line of adapters available to create revenue generating opportunities for Dealers and Garages. Dry starts are hard on your engine, Baxter Performance offers oil filter adapters to keep your engine lubricated and extend your vehicle’s service life. This means no more prolonged dry starts and less wear on the engine.

Baxter Performance produces exclusive oil filter adapters to fit a range of vehicles that traditionally require cartridge oil filters, including models manufactured by Toyota, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, Ford, and even Subaru. This is great news for Dealers and Garages in the market for an oil system solution that is reliable, easy to install, and delivers optimal results.

"By making our products available to Dealers and Garages, it opens up a lot of new income earning potential for other businesses" says Kevin Baxter, President of Baxter Performance. "This will allow those who want to sell the product to have access to not only the adapters, but also to Baxter Performance’s renowned customer service and allows us to expand their reach and better serve their customers." Baxter performance will also be listing and promoting those Dealers and Garages directly from their website and social media. 

Baxter Performance adapters allow for mounting of spin-on oil filters that contain an anti-drain back valve, top mounted adapters also contain a patent pending full flow output side check valve to prevent air from migrating into the system from the out-flow side. All Baxter Performance adapters work with standard spin-on oil filters, are easily installed, and make changing your oil filter quick and simple as well.

In the past year Baxter Performance products have been featured on TruckU and All Girls Garage and have been celebrated for their products with upcoming features on Two Guys Garage, Motorhead Garage, Motortrend Network, Revin Network, and Rev TV Canada.

"Thank you for making such a well-made product, works perfectly!" Jim H. from Tampa, FL, wrote in to say. Their adapters are made with pride and precision in the USA, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Receiving positive feedback has allowed the company to continually provide excellent service and products to their customers. 

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If you are interested in becoming a stocking sales partner with Baxter Performance, go to their website and fill out the dealer application and Rick DeVleming will be in touch with you to discuss their Dealer / Garage discounted pricing. Just visit Or call for additional information. 509-448-7951.

Kevin Baxter


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